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  • Hi I am using version 2 of the theme but cannot get the mobile menu to show. I’ve checked the source code and it isn’t getting pulled in?

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  • Hello strandcreative,

    Would it be possible to share the URL of your site you want to change the menu of, that would make it easier it for me to help me, that would be amazing 🙂

    Conor “DunkyMonkey”

    Hello strandcreative,

    Yeah that is odd. I can’t see why it won’t load in. Have you changed any code in the header.php file?

    But, I have a suggestion for you if you’re up for it? I create most of my site for my clients using an incredibly powerful and popular(free in the Repository) Responsive Theme. If you’re interested, I could do a quick Skype with you and show you what your site would look like if we used the Responsive theme instead of the current theme. If you’re feeling a bit lazy, My company would even be able to do the work for you …

    Thank you,



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    @conor “DUNKYMONKEY”: Please do not solicit contact off the forum. This is to protect users and to prevent people from trying to solicit work.

    Additionally, the point of these community-based forums is to help each other in a public space so that the whole community can benefit from the discussion and any solutions proposed. Private discussions take this benefit away. If you would prefer a one-to-one discussion, please try or



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    @strandcreative: Please do not respond to attempts to solicit work via these forums. If anyone does post such a suggestion (as the previous poster did) or suggest that you use any site other than or please add a modlook tag to the topic. A forum moderator will be along shortly to remove the offending post and deal with the poster in question.

    Soliciting work is not allowed on these forums – full stop.

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    @strandcreative? You don’t have to add modlook to this topic. A moderator is already looking into and now 2 are. 😉

    @jan do i remove this topic/remove my comments?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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