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    The mobile menu doesn’t show, when I look at the inspector, I do see the elements on the HTML but they are no visible in the mobile view.

    Trying with a blank shopstar install on localhost gives me the same result.

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    The menu is clrealy there, if I set a marign right of 50% , i.e.

    .main-navigation #main-menu {
            //text-align: end;
            margin-right: 50%;

    I can see it and even see the close icon, it seems that what never becomes visible is the hamburger menu to open it.

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    Looks like it doesn’t work with max mega menu either:


    Could that be related?

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    I found the solution and the mega menu post did help, sorry I know its another plugin, but I still prefer yours in a few aspects 😀

    I add to apply some changes to the suggestion they have there but ended up with this for my nav in the header

    <nav id="site-navigation" class="<?php echo ( !is_front_page() || ( get_theme_mod( 'shopstar-slider-type', customizer_library_get_default( 'shopstar-slider-type' ) ) == 'shopstar-no-slider' && !get_header_image() ) ) ? 'bottom-border mobile' : 'bottom-border'; ?>" role="navigation">		
    		<div class="container shopstar-mobile-menu-primary-color-scheme <?php echo ( !is_front_page() || ( get_theme_mod( 'shopstar-slider-type', customizer_library_get_default( 'shopstar-slider-type' ) ) == 'shopstar-no-slider' && !get_header_image() ) ) ? 'bottom-border' : ''; ?>">
    		    <div class="padder">
    				<?php wp_nav_menu( array( 'theme_location' => 'primary' ) ); ?>
    	</nav><!-- #site-navigation -->

    Hopefully this will help others!

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    Hello Mike,
    We are very sorry that the mobile menu is not working. I think your site has some CSS issues. Please give me your site URL and please contact our support mail(support@themeum.com), support will help you.


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