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  • Hi everyone,

    Knowledge background: I’m well versed in HTML/CSS, and quickly growing proficient in PHP within the past year. I’ve been working with WordPress for a year now.

    Problem: I have a page that queries posts from a specific category. This page will only be used as a web view in the mobile app we are creating. This page displays our magazine archive, where each post in the category is a published issue.

    Post 1: January 2013 issue
    Post 2: February 2013 issue
    Post 3: March 2013 issue

    Instead of listing them in a standard vertical list, I want only one magazine issue to appear on the screen at a time until the user decides to swipe sideways.

    Is there coding out there that can help me create these swiping capabilities? I want to avoid installing another plugin.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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