• Resolved corrinarusso


    Hi guys – I’m trying to place the Image module and the Menu module in-line in the header on mobile using the No Header/No Footer page template.

    Whenever I try to do this, the logo and the hamburger display on 2 separate lines.
    <image logo>
    <hamburger menu>

    I would like :
    <image logo> <hamburger menu>

    Any ideas without any code customization ?
    I’m trying to avoid have to create a separate template file for this.


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  • Plugin Contributor Ben Carlo


    Hey @corrinarusso,

    The columns use 100% width on mobile by default which is why they stack.

    Changing their widths to 80/20 on mobile should fix you right up! 🙂

    You can just click on the responsive toggle beside the Width label to switch from desktop to medium to small devices.


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