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    my website is
    on the desktop, the website looks accurate and good. but when i go on my android on my cell phone, the website looks bad and undone. i am wondering what i did wrong. i checked the code and it looks good.

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    ok i made a link to my website here. its my first time posting on these forums.

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    Should the mobile version look the same as the desktop? The theme was built responsive, so in the contrary.

    i am not saying it should look exactly the same as the desktop version, i mean the mobile version does not look right in general. if you look at the mobile version you can see what i am talking about. the pictures falls on the side, again i am not trying to duplicate the desktop version, but what i am saying the mobile version looks unfinished. even though i checked the code and they seem alright.

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    Does the issue persist on the theme’s demo site ?

    on my android web browser, no the issue does not persist on their demo site.

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    Could you try deactivating plugins to explore whether any could be responsible?

    yeah, i tried deactivating all the plugin. i still get the same results. the mobile version still did not look right.

    i would hate to install a mobile plugin for my site on wordpress, the mobile plugins look bland. this theme looks really good, this is the last thing that is on my check list. i just really want the mobile version of the site to look like how it is suppose to.

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    These support forums are only for theme support and not for custom customization support. We can only support and help in everything that is in there in the theme demo

    In your specific case with full width logo image, paste this in custom.css

    .themonic-logo img {
        width: 100%;

    —- This also applies to users using fullwidth/large logo images —-

    You also not have saved your WordPress menu: go to Appearance -> menu -> save as primary menu.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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