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  • I added a task while using mobile and wanted to move that task down the column not to another column. Could not reorder tasks in same column. I could only reorder tasks in desktop mode.

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  • Plugin Author gelform


    Hey, there. Good point! I had no good idea on how to reorder tasks on mobile so I punted it. I still don’t have any good ideas! 🙂 Any suggestions?

    I’ll move this up the to-do list, and maybe we can address it soon.



    Thanks for the reply and adding to your list. I do believe it is critical to have the same functionality on smartphone and desktop. The market users that I would like to use this with are almost 100% smartphone users.

    I am not much of a responsive mobile developer. I Depend upon themes that do it all.

    Your work looks promising. I am considering the pro bundle purchase.
    But I need at least a couple of things.

    1. mobile as already mentioned. make desktop and mobile features the same.
    2. The ability for user to set output setting. Column width min and max, number of columns etc. As I tried using more than 3 or 4 columns things gets squeezed and unreadable. Long winded task write ups become long list of characters. Very hard to use and makes it look more complex than it is.

    thanks again.

    No. 2 above was about desktop or larger pad then smartphones.


    Plugin Author gelform


    Thanks! What kind of settings would you want for #2? If there are 12 columns, the board is always going to seem crowded (our usual recommendation for this scenario is to use multiple boards).



    Here is a suggestion.

    I use a tool that has 2 very useful features with columns.

    1. Ability to set a Min and max width of each column not a one size fits all

    2. A setting that user can toggle that fits all columns or best fit of columns for display. In the case of 12 columns with setting FIT ALL it might be squeezed. If set for FIT BEST it would show columns that could fit the cuurent screen using min and max column widths. Your tool already has a slide left and right controls.

    One other request is to convert boards to pdf.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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