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  • Just checked on phone and mobile simulator. No black box showing site works normaly. Did you fix it?


    No. It is a grey box. When viewing on an Android phone, the site will load, and a couple seconds later, the grey box pops up and covers everything.

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    You may need to specify which Android phone you’re using and which browser.

    The problem occurs on a couple different Android phones, one being the Evo 4g, with browser “Internet” version 2.3.5.

    digitallegacys can you try to install opera mini on that phones that are giving you problems and tell us if thers still a gray box poping?


    It works fine with opera mini. I also tried Dolphin, and that shows the grey screen as well.

    digitallegacys sorry m8 idk what to tell you i tested all the posible online simulators to try to get that error to show so i could inspect it but no luck… site works fine for me on my phone also.

    Maybe just to state to users on site that website give best performance on android using opera mini.

    Or chek with the person that designed site for you (if it was not you).

    But still you should know that your site is working for most of the phones / browsers.

    Only one error that i had with your site was your SSL certificate.
    “Name of this location dont match name on certificate”

    The SSL issue only occurs on Android. I can’t figure out how to resolve that either.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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