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  • I wrote this hack to provide mms input to wordpress. This is version 0.1 and has not been completly tested but does work for my first purpose; to store photos in wordpress directly from my cellphone.

    To use it all you need do is place the two files wp-mms.php and mmslib.php in the home directory for WordPress. You also must have the two directories /wp-filez and /wp-photos located under your blog’s home directory both with write access.

    For more information and download go to:

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  • MMS Server Drop-in for WordPress 1.5

    Update: version 0.2 is now available at

    This version includes some new features as well as a couple of bug fixes. Most notably is an option to determine if a cellphone user is allowed to post. If you turn this option off then anyone can post. (not a great idea) Version 0.1 allowed this so beware!!!

    This is accomplished by requiring the user to register using their 10 digit cell # as their login. Each incoming MMS message is checked to see if it’s 10 digit phone number has already been registered as a login. Remember that their nickname is published on the blog so their cellphone number is not out there for all to see. They will have to do this using a browser and go through the normal email verification process to create the account.

    The wordpress security is then checked against the incoming MMS cellphone # and will only allow registered users with a high enough user level to post via MMS just like with regular posts.

    An option to select thumbnail size for both max width and max height is easily changed in the user options. (default is 400X300) Thumbnailing is accomplished using php only and does not require installing Image Majic or the like.

    The subject of the incoming MMS is parsed and attempts to locate a category to place the post in. A subject line like (Photos) Me Skydiving would search WordPress to see if a category exists and if so the post will be placed in it otherwise it goes to the WordPress default category. The (Photos) gets stripped off the subject and the remainder Me Skydiving becomes the post title. Also works for numeric category entry like (3).

    Any text accompaning the photo is placed below the photo thumbnail in the post. If an audio file was also attached a link to it is also placed in the text area below the photo.

    An example of an MMS post is at

    MMS Server Drop-in for WordPress 1.5

    Version 0.3 is released.

    Corrects some bugs and adds more content-types.

    For more information and download go to:

    You can get it here

    BareHug, I’m confused as to where I send the message. Do I send it to an email address (as though I was using wp-mail.php) or do I send it to the url of the wp-mms.php page??


    You don’t send to email. You use MMS. On Verizon you would say send a photo normally to Pix Place. So in your cellphone you change the setup so that instead of sending to you would make it

    You can find more info about MMS servers at

    Great plugin, but should I be able to send normal mms also with the settings that needs to be used with this plugin? Now I can send the mms to my blog, but it still says “MMS sending failed” because it goes only to the server and to the blog, not any further.

    Or is it just so that I need to sets of mms settings? No solution to manage with one?

    Sorry I am having some trouble understanding your question. You say you can send MMS to the blog does it say “MMS sending failed” even when it sucessfully goes just to the blog? You say it fails because it goes only to the “server” (what server are you talking about here?)

    If you have your phone MMS set to send to your blog then that is where the pics go; they are not forwarded to anywhere else. If you reset your phone’s MMS settings to point to another “server” then that is where they would go. Are you trying to get them to go to both places at the same time? What is your “server”? Is that one you have setup yourself or one provided by your cell phone company like PixPlace for Verizon?

    It would be possible for me to add code to forward a repackaged version of the MMS message to an email address (including another phone’s email address) in addition to saving it on the blog, but is not something currently implemented. Is that what your looking to do?

    Why not try creating a free account in flickr if you only want to send pictures and then use that to send your post to your wordpress blog. Flickr does not post to your blog if the email you sent has no pictures attached. Flickr has a Meta something API that allows you to send email to it then it will post the content of the email to your wordpress blog. That way you can use mms on your phone without added plugins. One

    hey barehug,
    I am having issues with posting. They seem to have a huge difference between actual time and when they are posted. (like 5 hours difference). If i set wordpress’ time from -10 to -5, then your hack has the right time, but wordpress becomes 5 hours late. any help?

    I have also had this problem but mine is only 1 hour off. Text messages work fine but if I send an MMS the message is received but it is not posted for an hour. I realise that this may be an issue with my cell phone provider but any sugestions would be helpful. Thanks

    Okay, I’ve changed the server name on my MMS-enabled phone, so I now connect to instead of the standard Cingular server.

    Here’s my question, when I send the MMS, what do I put in the To: field? It doesn’t seem like it would matter, but I figured I’d ask because I can’t get it to work.

    Disregard the above question. Wow. It actually works.

    Now here’s my next question … How would one attach styles to these posts? For instance, if I want a different class to apply to these thumbs than to others, where would I insert this in the code?


    innocuoussoul & yeldarbj
    Sorry I was adding rather than subtracting the gmt offset. I have placed a corrected version on my site

    To: douglemoine
    I added a <div class=”mms-post> at the begining of each mms posted message and a </div> at the end so that you can style the mms messages uniquely. I also added a class=”mms-thumb to each <img> thumbnail tag so the image thumbnails may be uniguely styled. So for instance if you wanted to make the background black, center the thumbnail and add a yellow border around it; you would add something like the following to your theme style sheet:

    .post.mms-post { /*for styling mms messages*/
    background-color: #000000;
    text-align: center;

    img.mms-thumb { /*for styling mms thumbnails*/
    margin: 10px;
    padding: 8px;
    background-color: #FFFF00;
    border: 1px solid #ddd;

    These changes to wp-mms should have no effect except to allow you to add additional styling for the mms posted messages.

    These changes are also on the current 0.31 version on my server.

    I thought I’d let you all know there is an updated to my MMS drop in for WordPress version 0.32 can be found at

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