• Hi I installed your plug in, I find it very interesting since Global Content Blocks is no longer up to date.
    I find it precious also that it works very well with WPML, this is great.
    I would also like to replace it completely with AD Inserter (in fact, and forgive me the question, but if you know Ad Inserter, you can tell me with all honesty what is missing from AD Inserter, I may not be aware of it, and I would be happy to tell you the truth on this).

    I wonder, however, how many blocks can you create before going on with the job?
    Can you avoid creating permalinks? I imagine these permalinks go to the sitemap, and I do not want my users to come to the site to see the content in the linked link.
    I am interested in creating code blocks that I then insert through shortcode or php on the pages I am creating.

    Let me know and hope as soon as I begin the transition from Ad Inserter and Global Content Blocks.

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  • Plugin Author Loomisoft


    Hi @andreaguerra80.

    Many thanks for your query. In response:

    Re AD Inserter, I must admit we are not familiar with it here so I’m not sure we can answer the question. If you are looking for an ad display system, please feel free to look at another one of plugins also: https://codecanyon.net/item/advertising-banner-manager-by-loomisoft/19260237

    Re our content blocks plugin, I think the question is what is the minimum number of content blocks you can have. In reality as few as one and as many as you wish. Our plugin does not put limit on the maximum.

    The permalinks are visible to logged in users ONLY (e.g. Authors, Editors and Administrators ONLY). We added this functionality to allow compatibility with visual page builders. The permalinks are not accessible to the general public or Subscribers and should not appear in sitemaps.

    Regarding PHP code blocks, I am afraid our plugin does not provide this functionality. In theory, that kind of function can pose a security risk and we have avoided it deliberately.

    If you are familiar with PHP, you can achieve what you are looking to do in your theme’s or child theme’s functions.php file with:

    add_shortcode( 'my_shortcode', 'my_shortcode_handler' );
    function my_shortcode_handler( $atts ) {
        // Your PHP code

    I hope I have been able to answer your questions. Thanks again for your interest in our plugin and good luck.


    Artem @ Loomisoft

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    I’m the author of Ad Inserter plugin.
    If you describe the problem I can try to help you.

    Hi and thank you for your answer.
    No, I absolutely do not look for a banner management system, AD Inserter can use it for so many features.

    Until now, I’ve found it really stable, only limiting the maximum number of blocks I can use, unless I go to a paid version but in any case for up to 64 blocks.

    I found your plug in reading a few posts on various forums while I was looking for answers to my questions.

    It is very well done, congratulations.
    I have several ajax engines, javascripts, phps to implement and the fact that it does not handle php code very much, this code I have to translate it into over 40 languages as it develops the portal, and through the file function is a real casino in addition to I think impossible, unless I’m going to make string translations etc losing a lot of time.

    Think about finding a solution to this?

    Plugin Author Loomisoft


    Hi @spacetime. Thanks for helping out … as mentioned, we are not familiar with your plugin so your help is appreciated.

    @andreaguerra80 I can see the challenge. Anything client-based (JavaScript/jQuery/AJAX) can be embedded in a content block.

    It’s the PHP that is the real issue I think. You should still be able to do something like this (based on the example above).

    add_shortcode( 'my_shortcode', 'my_shortcode_handler' );
    function my_shortcode_handler( $atts ) {
        // Part of your PHP code
        // Below your PHP code displays a content block (say post ID 890), which can be multi-lingual
        echo ls_content_block_by_id( 890 );
        // More of your PHP code

    Hope that helps.

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    With Ad Inserter you can insert any HTML/Javascript/PHP code anywhere on the page either automatically on posts/static pages or manually with shortcodes:

    Each code block can also process PHP code (if you enable it) and can therefore include also your PHP code.

    Hope this helps.

    Igor thank you for your contribution.
    I use your plug in and it is very limited in the free version.
    I’m looking for a similar and free solution, and of course it also has good support.

    If I need help, I’ll write it in your support page.
    Thank you

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