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  • I’m using MM Forms plugin. The actual forms work fine, they collect the data just fine.

    The problem is when I try to export, the download CSV option produces no file. Instead, I get a 404 error. In detail, here’s the process:

    1. On the main MM Forms admin page, I click the “Export” option for the form I want
    2. The “download now” link is then generated under the “Download CSV” column there, and I click on that to download the CSV
    3. Instead of getting the CSV, I get a 404 error page – e.g.

    Unfortunately the folks at MM have thus far refused any assistance unless I pony up 30Euro for support. However, I don’t believe this is a support issue but rather a BUG – here’s why:

    • I’ve disabled all other plugins and I’m testing this with the default WordPress theme, so I’ve pretty much ruled out plugin and theme conflicts.
    • I’m using the plugin with all of its default settings, so user error can be eliminated.
    • I’ve setup and made all the directories writeable as noted in the instructions at

    Yet this plugin still does not seem to export properly to the desired directories – I get a 404 error each time I try to download the export, because it is never actually created. Sounds like a bug.

    Anybody else figure this out?

    Any chance tom belmans, technology expert at motionmill, or Wannes De Loore also of motionmill would be able to provide some advice?

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  • I second this problem… The data IS being written to the database but the export file, although the plugin screen says “File has been generated, when I FTP to the directoy the filename is “.csv” … not “filename.csv” and it does have the first line of headers, but with NO delimiters followed by a single pair of quote marks for the 2 records in my database:


    If this would write the file properly, I’d give the plugin 5 stars! eMails do work, though, so I give it 2 stars for that.

    Hey ocaptain – yeah, shame the export doesn’t work.

    See additional info here: – no solution but I’ve listed a possible alternative that might help you out.

    (and to the WP community at large, apologies for the duplicate post – if a mod wishes to delete this thread, by all means that’s fine)

    Export only worked for me after creating a new form. Using the pre-built form available after installation would not generate the correct link to the CSV file. Creating a new form grabbed the correct link.

    There is a bug on installation. The plugin installs a default example form, but fails to populate the contactform table correctly.

    This is the code for Version: 0.9.7b

    function install_mmf()

    $contactform = $wpdb->prefix . ‘contactform’;

    $sql2 = “INSERT INTO ” . $wp_contactform . ” VALUES(‘1’, ‘Contact form 1’, ‘’, ‘[your-email]’, ”, ”, ‘,’, 0, ‘1’, ”, 0, 0);”;


    There is mismatch in variable names ( $wp_contactform vs $contactform ).

    To fix this for your currently installed instance, in the WP admin browse to the mm-form admin page for form 1 (so that you have the ‘update’ button ready to click on).

    Using PHPMyAdmin, or whatever you are comfortable with, insert a dummy row into the database with form id 1 (any old data will do), then click ‘update’ and mm-forms will update the row correctly.

    Then the export will work.

    I can confirm that this works after you create a new form! The default one don’t work for some reason.

    I have another related issue. There seems to not be a user_ID generated in the database when someone uses it. Is this a feature of the pro version?!

    I have about 50 entries (from an origional form) that will not export, and none of the fixes listed herin are working. Is there a way to export the data in phpMyAdmin?

    @jptelthorst, try creating a new form and update the table wp_contactform_submit with the new forms’ id in the field fk_form_id. Then export will work.
    Let me know if I can help you out.

    I have orders placed via MM forms, Simple Shopping Cart, on my website, but when I view them to read and complete the order, the values are coming through as non-deciperable gibberish. Can anyone give some immediate advice on how to resolve this issue? I would so appreciate it!
    Thank you!

    S. Clark or

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