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  • I’ve been spending the morning researching how I can integrate MLS property listings with a clients site I’m about to design. I’ve seen some Plug-ins but have been getting mixed signals. I wanted to find out what everyone has been using as of late and some of the pros and cons of each.

    The one that looks the most promising thus far is idXpress but even still it only gets 3 stars in the plugin ratings.


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  • @cyrjm

    I use IDXbroker for my clients sites.
    It has a nice plugin and tons of wordpress-happy features.

    Sometimes the bad rankings are because people think they can install the plugin and use idXpress or IDX broker or whatever IDX for their wordpress site for free. All the good ones have a monthly fee.

    Good luck, and let me know if I can help.

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    I agree with Jim, that many of the reviews for the plugins are lower than they rightfully should be due to expectations of the end user. For full disclosure, I will mention that I own a web development company that specializes in IDX integration and we have experience integrating all of these solutions on over 2000 sites.

    With that said…I hope this helps.

    The solutions mentioned from Diverse Solutions (dsIDXpress) and IDXBroker work well as does one not mentioned by iHomefinder called Optima Express. The dsIDXpress solution is not a complete IDX solution and has limited features, but is good for SEO. Therefore to be fully complete you would need to purchase their dsIDXpress solution ($29.95/mo) and their dsSearchAgent IDX solution (99.95/mo) for a total of $129.90/mo.

    iHomefinder and IDXBroker both offer a plugin that allow you to display listings under your domain for the SEO benefit for less than $40/mo. Both of these companies offer solid, reliable solutions. Depending on what your goals are there are other options as well that go beyond the scope of this response.

    If you are interested, as mentioned, this is what we specialize in. Consulting with our clients and developers and offering advice based on years of experience regarding which solution would most likely work best. We don’t mark up the pricing for any service that you choose and you get the best of both worlds….the right product that meets your needs and an extra layer of support from developers that have already integrated these solutions. We can save you many hours of trial and error and in some cases code that will save you time. If there is something that doesn’t quite meet your needs, we can offer you some advice on how to do it, quote to do it for you, or use our relationship with the IDX vendor to try and find a workaround.



    All good info…I’m finally starting to compare my options. I have been waiting on my client for a little while but will have a look at all of your recommendations.

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