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  • Resolved Hydester


    MLA seems to hang when I try and use it.

    WordPress’s Media Library handles my 541 images fine in about 10 seconds or so (CPU usage peaks to about 50% then job done)

    But MLA just hangs and never gets there.

    I am hosting on a Digital Ocean 40Gb SSD disk (20% used) with 2GB memory

    I have disabled then reactivated MLA, but no difference.

    Any suggestions??

    With thanks in anticipation


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  • Have just tried resetting default settings, but still no joy

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for your report; I regret the trouble you are having with the Media/Assistant submenu screen.

    You may find your answer in this recent topic:

    “Assistant” page is taking too long to start loading

    MLA has been used successfully on sites with thousands of images, so 541 shouldn’t be a problem. The “where-used” reporting and load time also depends on how many pages/posts you have and how many [mla_gallery] shortcodes you use. It looks like you are just getting started with MLA, so [mla_gallery] shortcodes should not be a problem; is that right?

    If disabling the where-used reporting solves your problem I would be very interested in knowing why – perhaps I can make a change in MLA to avoid it. If you have the interest and the patience, try letting MLA go for several minutes just to see if it eventually does load. You could also try a tool like Query Monitor to see if database activity is an element of the problem.

    Thanks for any additional information you can provide. Let me know if the above suggestions are helpful.

    Hi David

    Thanks for your great support.
    The problem was in the “where-used” reporting.
    In particular, I have narrowed it down to ‘Inserted-in’ which if disabled, sorts the problem. Base and Enabled both cause the problem

    I am using a colourful miasma of plugins to show my images!

    -Essential Grid
    -New RoyalSlider
    -PhotoSwiper (a plug-in made pretty much for me!)
    and possibly relevant
    -No Right Click Images Plugin

    Happy to help you get to the bottom of the problem, but I am now back on track & able to use MLA again, so thank you so much.

    Will donate now (should have before!)

    Thanks again!


    Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for your update with the good news and for the link to your site – beautiful work! Thanks especially for your donation in support of the plugin and our Fair Trade work.

    I really appreciate your report that the “Inserted in” reporting was causing the delays. That reporting must search the content of every post/page looking for file name(s) of Media Library items. There are three factors that determine the amount of work involved:

    1. The number of items displayed on each page of the Media/Assistant screen.
    2. The number of “intermediate size” files generated for each item.
    3. The number of posts/pages in the site.

    For example, if you display 20 items per Media/Assistant page, have three intermediate sizes (thumbnail, medium, large), 50 posts and 10 pages in the site the search will look for 20*(3+1) file names in each of 60 post/page content fields.

    I am marking this topic resolved, but it would help me to know how many pages and posts you have and how many intermediate sizes your items have. I am going to look at improving the performance of the “Inserted in” reporting. Thanks for your help and for your interest in the plugin.

    Hi David

    Thanks for this. Believe it or not I only have 23 pages with 16 published.
    It is difficult to count the number of images per page, but I suspect an average of maybe 60 to 80. Each image seems to have 22 (yes, 22!) variants of its size. Not sure how or why these were generated (i.e. so many).

    Even so, I really did let MLA hang for a LONG time (15 mins?) with no result, so with my limited knowledge I suspect there may be something else involved.

    Thanks again!


    Plugin Author David Lingren



    Thanks for your additional details. I regret that my explanation wasn’t really clear. When I wrote “The number of items displayed on each page” I meant the number of rows in the Media/Assistant submenu table, not the number of images per page displayed on the site’s front end.

    Still, a 15 minute delay with no results is highly unusual; something else must be happening. If you have access to the site’s error log, it would be good to know if anything’s showing up there.

    You can add a Settings/Media Library Assistant Debug tab to gain easy access to the error log and some other information. You can find instructions for that in this earlier topic:

    Bulk Edit Att Category doesn’t update

    I am happy that your site is working and I know this may be more work than you are able to do. I like to get to the bottom of problems like this because it will benefit other MLA users and avoid future problems. Thanks for your help.

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