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  • Hi there

    Is there a way to open NextGen™ galleries with a lightbox? As the former is handy for creating thumbnails in a batch but for viewing i prefer lightbox as it looks a bit nicer….

    I reckon I need to edit some of the nextgen php files but I cant find which one and which line to replace the “open” command…..

    Any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated!


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  • Any takers on how to combine these two plugins?

    In case I havent made myself clear, by “opening nextgen galleries” I mean viewing pictures from the frontend…..

    I did it like this
    1. Create the lightbox groups you normally do
    2. Make a nextgen gallery as well, with the same pics

    Then go to the nextgen source, and copy all the gallery stuff, make a new page and copy all of it to the HTML part.

    Then mix in the lightbox group code as you usually do.
    So first you have some “div id” “div class” and “a href”. right before “title” and after the link to your image, you put in the lightbox code:


    Only problem is the space between the thumbnails, somehow it became much wider for me.

    I just realised there’s an option in the NextGen plugin.
    Just go Gallery > Options > Effects

    and change Shutter to Lightbox. Easy peasy.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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