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  • Hi.

    I really don’t know how to be clear with that, so I’ll try describing the details.

    I’ll always have categories with undefined number of subcategories:

    – sub-A(all)
    – sub-A1
    – sub-A2
    – sub-A3
    – sub-B(all)
    – sub-B1
    – sub-B2
    – sub-B3

    The first category is my main menu, but the cat-B is not subordinated to the cat-A. Actually, I wanna to them work together.

    The pages will always displays posts from both categories
    (eg. sub-A1 AND sub-B3; sub-A(all) and sub-B(all) for default).

    But I don’t want to do it by naming a specific category in query_posts.

    There is a smart way to do this?

    (a better example)
    all | flowers | cars | toys
    all | red | blue | green

    By default it will show all objects/things and colors. If I select flowers and red, that will show only posts with both categories.

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