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  • Very mixed reactions to this plugin. I have a basic classifieds site and this plugin seems to do the job well enough. But have to say am very disgusted with the owner. Plugin is free but “modules” are not. Depending on your needs there around 12 modules you can buy at 40$ each. I bought 2 and set up my site. Then low and behold a year later he “announces” that each module originally purchased at a one time cost now require a yearly renewal fee. If you want to start charging yearly renewals, fine announce it and start charging renewals. But have the integrity to honor your agreements with your early customers. Pretty sh*(%y IMHO.

    I can still use old modules as long as they work – but at some point they will stop and will have to either renew or find another option. Which is fine, but I invested the time and effort and money to set site up with this option because it was NOT subscription based. The modules are a bit pricey but at least it was a one time purchase. NOT.

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    Hi jiminspain,

    I’m sorry that you’ve had a negative experience here. We did send out notices a year and a half ago stating that because of support loads and getting updates out for the modules, we could no longer offer lifetime free updates. That was spelled out here in case you missed it originally:

    The ongoing maintenance is a modest cost of $10 per module. I’m sure that in the time you’ve used AWPCP, you must have gotten some good value out of it to keep it around this long, I’d hope that would be a fair trade–we keep the plugin alive and current for a small ongoing fee. But if not, we can agree to disagree here. We’re still going to be around if you change your mind on renewal.

    Obviously I can appreciate the fact that time and effort goes into developing and maintaining your modules. But I also think when people buy a product as a one time purchase they expect the vender to honor his agreement. I buy themes and software all the time, some of which are one time purchases and others involve renewal fees. But I know the terms before I purchase and make my decisions accordingly.

    With all due respect, I think what you did here was wrong and bad business.

    The issue here isn’t whether or not you “sent out notices” or that the cost is now only a modest 10$ extra per module per year. The issue is that these are not the terms I purchased under, and for you to hold your early customers hostage by suddenly demanding yearly fees … I’m sorry that just isn’t right.

    Not the end of the world – but I did feel the need to express my opinion. I am only thankful I didn’t purchase more modules when I initially choose to use this product.

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