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  • I just ran the PHP Compatibility Checker plugin for PHP version 5.6 , and the file lib/ManualImageCrop.php generated the following warning:

    1 | WARNING | File has mixed line endings; this may cause incorrect results

    I’m not really clear on how to resolve this myself. I tried simply deleting and re-typing the first line break in my text editor, but that didn’t resolve it. Perhaps you can look into resolving this warning with the next release?

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  • Hey @mrengy

    ‘line endings’ are the non-text information that says when a new line starts in the file.

    It’s common to see mixed line endings when people have copied and pasted code from the internet or have written the code using various operating systems or editors.

    You can fix it by downloading and installing the Notepad++ plugin, opening a copy of the file and from the menu selecting Edit -> EOL Conversion -> Windows format

    Then saving and re-uploading to your web server.

    It doesn’t look like it’s causing any issue to the running of the plugin for me though.

    It doesn’t look like this plugin is under active development, but perhaps one day the developer will fix this in a future update.

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