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  • Good thing about Gutenberg:
    It will be good to standardize the page builders in WP. Currently, there is a lot of crap drag & drop editors in WP, and most of the, are trash.
    This way, every WP site you work on in the future, is now the same in the backend. I see this as a good thing.
    This will make plugin developers develop components (what you call blocks in Gutenberg) for the editor instead of everyone making their own drag and drop editor.

    Bad things about Gutenberg:
    It’s concering that WP is moving the Wix way. There used to be alot of arguments to why people should choose WordPress instead of Wix. These arguments are getting thinner and thinner. I know there has been some mud throwing between Wix and WordPress, but trying to make Wix out of WordPress is simply stupid. Don’t use your personal feelings to direct the future of WordPress.
    The documentation is absolutely terrible. Not sure if already outdated, or just simply wrong documented. Either way, following your own documentations and examples isn’t working. Your own example plugin says “Unexpected error occured”.
    The choice React.js makes no sense to me personally either. This could have been achieved by either jQuery or pure JS.

    I’m okay with Gutenberg being in WP core. But don’t force it on the users.
    It should be a setting that can be easily toggled on and off.

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  • As a developer, having a block-based editor built in at the ready does give you an advantage. It will still be a challenge to create a great page builder though! A lot of work goes into those things that are both technical as well as UX related and I appreciate all of the work people do to make great ones.

    A lot more than personal feelings go into making WordPress. Experienced designers, developers, open source contributors, usability testers, and so many others work on it together. Open source is such an interesting place.

    You make a good point about the documentation. Could you point me to the specific example plugin you’re referring to?

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