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  • No matter what client I am working for, or what project I am trying to create, I always arrive to the same need: the ability to create content rich pages that are specific to a category or topic.

    Currently, I cannot think of one CMS that will allow me to create a category that could contain links, posts, articles, images, files, movies, and etc. Nor can I think of other suitable solutions to achieve this. For example with Joomla, I cannot create a menu link that will dynamically display various content types.

    In WordPress, the closest I got to achieve this is to use a custom widget placement solution (e.g. widget logic) and to create a bunch of custom widgets displaying the content that match that page/post.

    For e.g.
    A page called Flowers has an article about flowers in it.

    I want to display pictures, links, videos, files that are related to flowers. s
    Dynamic related content modules will only show related posts and maybe pages.

    my workaround solution? Placing a links widget that displays links from the flower link category in it and the same for video, pictures, and etc…

    I wish there were built-in ways to handle such needs, such as a tag system that pulls any content type on the site (default wordpress widget only allows for post or category tags).

    If WordPress had site-wide categories, perhaps a menu link to a category will then display all the content from that category on the page?

    hopefully I am making my point clear here and I would love to hear your feedback, other workarounds, different design approaches, and etc.



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