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  • Just sorting out some old WordPress installs and updating the collation to UTF8 and I noticed that Wordfence uses a mix of utf_general_ci – what the config is set for (UTF8) and the old latin_swedish_ci.

    I thought it was to do with it being a mixed collation install, so after I changed the DB I decactivated the plugin, dropped the wf_ tables and reactivated – same thing.

    Also noticed on WordPress installs that have been UTF8 from the start, Wordfence does the same thing? Only reason I mention this is my error.log is full of moans about mixed collation – especially referring to Wordfence.

    Should I be worried? I assume I can’t switch the collation on those wf_ tables, as the plugin would break?


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    I don’t think this is us. We don’t specify collation in MySQL when creating the tables. We only specify ‘default charset=utf8’.

    So we’re using whatever the default is for utf8. Check out lib/wfSchema.php specifically the create() and createAll() functions.



    Experiencing the same issue. WordPress installs with core tables set to utf_general_ci but yet WordFence creates new tables as latin_swedish_ci.

    Enforcing the collation in wp-config.php, yet the setting appears to be ignored. Table creation is still creating tables with latin_swedish_ci.

    WordPress 3.9.1 – plain default install from on XAMPP.

    Also tested on DesktopServer 3.6.2 and Hostgator Reseller accounts. Same behavior. Also noted that deactivation and deletion of the plugin leaves the problem tables behind. This can aggravate backup plugins such as BackWP Up, etc.

    I switched the tabled in PHPMyAdmin to UTF-8 and they still work, though. Need to do the rest when I’m REALLY bored/it’s rainign because it’s completely dull switching all the fields and tables to UTF-8.

    Really odd that on all my installs – new or old, WF insists on latin_swedish even though most if not all of them are configured like Steveorevo’s to UTF-8 – wp-config, the tables, etc? Even the newest ones which have always been UTF-8 from the start.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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