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    Dear WPPB developers,

    the function wppb_mail is declared with 4 parameters, the 4th being the ‘message context’. You supply this parameter in all wppb_mail calls, except for the recover.php (password recovery) source file.

    Would you please supply the $context value for these 3 function calls, too? In order to stay consistent with the rest, I would propose e.g. ’email-user-password-request’, ’email-user-password-reset’ and ’email-admin-password-reset’.

    Thank you — JarekM

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    Correction: $context is the 5th parameter, the 4th being $message_from __ which is also omitted in recover.php wppb_mail calls, but in this case the default null value is probably OK.

    Plugin Author Georgian Cocora


    Hello @jmilewski,

    I’ll take a look at this and report this enhancement suggestion to our developers.

    Thank you.


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