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  • Hello,

    Someone thought it would be funny to hack my site and delete my wp_users table from my database and now I can’t access my WP. I have it backed up, from a while ago, but would like to just restore the wp_users table if possible, but I’m not sure how to restore just the one table. If not, just creating the wp_users table would be fine, but I’m not sure exactly how to that either and I’m coming empty with my searches.

    Thank you kindly for any advice 🙂

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  • If possible, use phpMyAdmin to restore (phpMyAdmin calls that Import) that one table. The info below assumes your users table is called wp_users, but the ‘wp_’ will depend on what your TABLE PREFIX is.

    1. Make a backup of your database now just in case!!!
    2. Then make a copy of your OLD backup that has the wp_users table.
    3. Then with something like NotePad+, edit that copy and delete everything in the file except for the reference to the wp_users table. Look for the CREATE TABLE for wp_users and that’s the beginning of the records you should KEEP, and KEEP everything up to the next CREATE TABLE statement.
    4. Then use the phpMyAdmin Import.

    You might consider asking your host if they have a recent backup they can restore.


    Thanks a bunch for the suggestion. I will give this a try tomorrow afternoon when I have more time and can take it slow. I’ll be sure to make a back-up first.

    In the mean time, I was able to manually add the wp_users field back into the db, so at least I’m able to post for now.

    Just a thought, should I delete that table before trying to restore it or will it just overwrite it?

    Thanks again!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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