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  • Whenever I try to manuually try to enter the following page:


    I get a message telling me that page cannot be found. The same thing happens when I try to click “site admin” on my main page.

    I cannot fnd the page when I look for it in the Manage>>>Files in WP 1.5.2.

    But It shows up when I look for the file in my FTP client and in my CPanel. Permissions are set at 666.

    I can still access my administrative functions by opening an individual post and clicking on “edit this entry.”

    I am using the “contempt” theme, BTW, in chase it makes a difference.

    I have tried deleting it and then reloading the original “wp-admin/index.php” file. No help at all.

    Any help and advice would be appeciated.

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  • “”

    Why don’t your try index.php – that’s the correct address.

    Or just:


    I do. Same problem.

    Why don’t your try index.php – that’s the correct address.

    That link works for me just the login page just fine. 🙂 UNLESS, you’re having the problems after trying to login to it or something… :/

    So does this one:
    Or just:



    But if you are logged in it should go to the Dashboard…

    I know. I am logged in. I’m not going to the Dashboard.

    Unless I go there after accessing administrative functions by clicking on “edit this post” from a single post.

    This will cause me problems if I try to access my site from any computer not set to log me in automatically.

    oh……. man… this maybe like my problem too. try see in your wp root maybe there .htaccess file, delete it.

    this problem persis like mine i posted here but no one answwer yet

    I take that back.

    I cannot access the dashboard. I can access all other admin pages.

    I don’t want to delate my .htaccess file. I would lose too many changes, such as my permalinkign structure, etc.

    And guess what? I can’t leave a comment either. It just returns a “done” message and the comment doesn’t post.

    Yeah, don’t listen to what yuzef said above.. :/ Anyway, are you sure, exactly that the wp-admin folder and everything inside it is in the blog’s directory or root, which ever, and everything is inside that correctly as well?

    I know this was asked repeatedly prolly, but some just get lost on stuff because of various responses..

    /blogpeoria/all other files…

    This is even making me go HMMMM…WTF!? LOL!


    yeah … everything is where it is supposed to be.

    I’ll try accessing these files on another computer to make sure it isn’t some goofy PC issue.

    And the problem has corrected itself.

    billdennis5, awesome! If it keeps up, or comes back again just repost back then. =)


Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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