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  • Hi, I think my WP admin sidebar is missing a few functionalities, such as an ability to customize it, select different headers. How can I gain access to those tabs? How can I customize the views for my WP admin website (dashboard, edit the tabs display in sidebar, etc.) Do I need to be hosted with WordPress in order to have these functionalities?

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  • Hi @lubalexuan ,

    Can you put a screenshot please?

    Also, make sure you are logged in as ‘Administrator’ and you haven’t edited any user capabilities through any custom code or plugin.

    The ability to make changes to the theme via admin sidebar interface isn’t universal. Some themes have a thorough system, some nothing at all.

    As @@potentdevelopment noted, this could be due to your active theme not supporting these features. Or, perhaps you may not be logged in as an administrator.

    If you post a screenshot of how your dashboard looks, then that might help

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    I am definitely logged in as an admin. I don’t how to include a screenshot in this forum.

    The theme support includes instructions on switching between headers. They mention that I should see a “Headers” tab under “Appearance” tab. I don’t see it there.

    Is this something I should talk to them about? I assumed that the “Headers” tab is included in WordPress Admin functionalities regardless of the theme.

    What is the theme you are using?

    I don’t how to include a screenshot in this forum

    For future reference, you could use a service like this

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    This support forum is only for the free and open-source themes available in the repository.

    On the other hand, the theme you are using is a paid theme. Please contact the author of that theme for your questions.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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