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  • I cannot find the code for the image, div, background, border or whatever it is that creates the light blue bar behind “welcome to wordpress” on the dashboard. i want the color scheme on my dashboard to match my custom blog theme, light blue does not cut it. can anyone help me find the tricky code that puts this bar there so that I could remove it?

    i would appreciate it. My blog is at


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  • Everything style related should be in the wp-admin/wp-admin.css file.

    This might help:

    Thanks for your response Moshu, truth is I’ve done what that post suggests and I turely cannot trace it anywhere.

    I’ve looked to see if it’s a border, but there’s text over it so I don;t think it could be. i’ve looked to see if it’s a picture by downloading all of the wp-admin images and none of them would work. I’ve looked through about every class and <whatever the other one’s called> in the wp-admin.css file and none of them look responsible.

    i can repeat my search later today, but at the moment I have to say that it appears none of the usual suspects are responsible for this light blue bar.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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