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    Peace be to all beings!

    Over the past few days, when I go to log into my Dashboard, I’ve noticed that the WordPress logo is missing from the top of the box (though the space is still hot, and clicking on it will bring you to When I get in to the Dashboard area, it’s also missing from the bottom of all pages.

    No grea problem there; but I was bringing up the editor, and my graphics for functions are also missing; also, there is not enough space there to click on anything to get the functions (italics, link, graphic, etc.) by mouse. For bold and italic font, this is no problem; and for the others, I assume I can find a list of macro keystrokes in the Codex, where I will go after posting this. But it is a nuisance otherwise; and if any of the commands don’t have a shortcut combination, then I’m queered.

    Is anybody else experiencing this, and what would be the fix to it? I’m running 2.0.3, just recently installed. Thanks much.

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  • I just looked at the actual blog, and my template graphics are missing as well — in Firefox. There is nothing missing in Internet Explorer for some reason, as I’ve verified by checking it out.

    Curiouser and curiouser. Does anybody have ideas?

    I also realized that a link to the blog would be helpful here, to see if anybody is getting the same thing:
    New Harper’s Mews


    Latest development: I did some writing on the blog from a wireless connection at a cafe’, and went in with Firefox. All graphics are present! But they still aren’t here on the home version.

    Does that give any clues? Is anybody even reading this??

    Try clearing the cache on your system? Sounds like a local browser-config/cache issue…

    No good; everything’s still invisible. I have to wonder if a Firefox extension or something similar is doing the job; that’s the first thing that occurs to me. I wish there was a way to simply deactivate extensions instead of uninstalling them completely….

    Beyond that, anyone have any more ideas? And thanks, Yosemite; the comeback’s appreciated.

    I found the solution to the problem after vgrepping Mozilla/Firefox documentation online. It seems my profile in Firefox was somehow corrupted; possibly by a bad extension added at some point. Restarting Firefox in safe mode did no good (check your menu for the link to do so; it’s valuable!); every extension and theme was shut down, but the problem did not resolve. However, starting Firefox through the Profile Manager (firefox.exe -profilemanager) and creating a blank profile did the trick. I searched out my bookmarks and copied them over, reinstalled needed extensions one at a time to make sure I could learn which to avoid if needed, and I’m back in business.

    Thanks to Yosemite for your answer; if you come to alt.callahans, a BOYC (beverage of your choice) is prepaid and waiting for you on my buck.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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