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  • I read through the codex article on Setting File Permissions (but couldn’t understand most of it) and read numerous posts going back over the last six years, but still can’t figure out what to do to get the Upload/Insert icon on my Editor, Author, and Contributor’s “Add New Post” pages. Here’s the deal:

    I am developing a blog for a non-profit organization and as the prime “Administrator,” I seem to be able to do everything — at least in terms of posting a story and adding a photo. But I will be creating/registering at least fifty other people and coding them as Editors, Authors, or Contributors (no Subscribers). To test the capacity of these other categories, I created a hypothetical Contributor (I. M. Contributor, with a separate email address); however, when i login under the hypothetical name, the Upload/Insert icon does not appear on the Add New Post page. (I am assuming that it will not appear on any other similar pages).

    I believe that this is a File Permissions problem, but all of the articles I have read (including three pages in a Using WordPress book), seem to be understandable only by advanced programmers, which I am not. (One simple point is, no one explains and I can’t seem to understand the relationship between UNIX “Owners,” “Groups” and “Others,” and the WordPress categories of “Administrator,” “Editor,” “Author,” “Contributor,” and/or “Subscribers.”

    Can’t someone explain which “directories,” “files,” “folders,” and/or “documents” need to be set to which UNIX codes to allow all WordPress “writers” (whether Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, or Subscriber) to upload and insert photos into their posts.



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  • Actually, it may not be related so much to file and folder permissions on your site as it is to the basic WordPress user roles and their capabilities.
    An in depth explanation: Roles and Capabilities
    A visual representation of various roles and what they can do by default: Capability vs. Role Table

    There are some nice plugin solutions for easily modifying the capabilities associated with different roles. One example: User Role Editor

    Take some time and read a little about WordPress roles and their default capabilities. They don’t really have anything to do with your actual file and folder permissions. Hope that gives you a start in the right direction!

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