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  • WP 1.5 “latest” (downloaded March 5).
    When I create sub-Pages the Pages list in the sidebar will generate around the subpage link an additional <ul><li> tag so I can style them differently (indent etc. in the css file using ul li ul li ul li) but for the children categories (a.k.a subcategories) there is no such additional <ul><li> tag generated.
    I have tried both the list_cats and wp_list_cats with all the possible parameter variations described in the Codex, but no success.
    I have seen a “bug report” filed here, though it complains about the lack of indent.

    Is there a solution and I am missing something or we have to wait until it will be fixed?

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  • I am thinking about this moshu………

    Try #pagenav ul ul li a

    Are you suggesting to create a new div called “pagenav” ? Maybe I am slow, but I don’t get it. The page links work correctly (e.g. on my testblog), but the category links don’t. On the same page “wordprss” should be a subcat (=indent) in “blog stuff”.

    Well I have #pagenav in mine which I did not put in myself so heck knows where it came from. As I understand it the pages list are in their own div with that ul ul li structure for descendants. Whats your url for this ?

    Found yr testblog. #pagenav is the li id not a div. You have it already. Go with my selector and keep your fingers crossed.

    # is an id not necessarily a div. Its very handy. It can now be applied to virtually anything in WP.

    I have mine running my *test* sub page is temporarily in green 🙂

    Funny stuff this CSS 🙂

    OK, 2 things.
    Yes, I see now the #pagenav li id for the Pages. That’s fine.

    However, the Categories have the #categories li id AND in the list it does NOT insert an additional ul for subcats whereas under Pages there is an additional ul for subpages – as stated in my original post. Anyway, I’ll give it a try.

    That is for pages. For categories just use children. (Its in the old css)

    Like this #nav ul ul ul.children

    LOL, ok we are back to the startpoint… For some odd reason my WP does not generate class="children" for the subcats. It’s driving me nuts, I’ve tried all the possible parameters for the tag, but nothing.
    What would be the correct tag to get the children class for the subcats???
    Thank you for your patience!

    .children will not be visible in the mark up. Its css only. Try it 🙂

    I have now finally identified the proper CSS selector for the sub cats. It is #pagenav ul li ul li a .

    Which is my blog currently displays a sub cat with a green bg :). HTH.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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