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  1. amyrogers
    Posted 8 years ago #

    This has to do with missing thumbnail option.

    This is a brand new WP blog installed on a Dreamhost server. 2.3.3 was installed. The very first batch of 6 images were uploaded. Their sizes:

    Pict 1 284 kb
    Pict 2 396 kb
    Pict 3 520 kb
    Pict 4 632 kb
    Pict 5 1.4 mb
    Pict 6 2.5 mb

    All pics are 72 dpi.

    All except for 3 and 4 got the thumbnail option.

    Dreamhost has GD library version 2 or above installed.

    I was trying out WP PicLens. After I experienced the missing thumbnail option, I deactivated the plugin and re-uploaded Pict 3 and 4 that didn't have thumbnails.

    It didn't make any difference. Still no thumbnail option for those two images.

    The only other plugins I am using that are activated are

    Google Sitemaps
    Breadcrump NavXT Core
    All in One SEO Pack

    Any other ideas?


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