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    I REALLY miss the CodeMagic feature (HTML button) that was previously included in the free edition of Ultimate TinyMCE, but which has now become a Premium Only feature of WP Edit. This was the primary – and sometimes only – reason that I used Ultimate TinyMCE.

    It somehow seems unfair to charge a premium for someone else’s free open source code? Still, I understand why you need to offer a premium edition of WP Edit; I know that the amount of work in developing it was tremendous. I just wish that any money that users might spend on a premium addition would go towards purchasing the truly unique parts of the code…

    Is there any possibility of this feature being added back into the standard edition of WP Edit?

    If not, can you folks or anyone else recommend a good tutorial or other advise about adding the CodeMagic TinyMCE plugin ( into WordPress via a custom plugin or addition to functions.php?

    I have read this page in the Codex ( but I’m afraid that I need a more detailed set of instructions than that.

    PLEASE consider adding this feature back into the standard edition of WP Edit! If that is impossible – or until that happens – any advise about a DIY solution would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much!

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  • As a follow-up, I see this practice – of taking a previously free feature of a plugin (which people have spent time incorporating into their websites) and then moving the feature into a ‘payment required’ version – as a classic bait-and-switch tactic. I see this all too often, and IMO this gives not only the developer but WordPress itself a bad reputation.

    If a plugin developer is going to develop a reputation by offering a great free plugin and then leverage that reputation in order to offer a “Pro” version, that is fine! But the Pro version should include only new or advanced features that were never in the standard version. Taking previously standard features and then charging for them has a bad smell to it.

    Please excuse me if I have your motivations wrong! I truly appreciate all that you have done in developing this great plugin, and am extremely grateful to all plugin developers who offer their work to the public. That is what makes WordPress so terrific.

    It is only the practice of moving existing features from a free version to a pay version that I don’t appreciate. People come to rely on the free feature, and shouldn’t have to wonder, when they first incorporate it, whether they will be able to rely on the developer to not yank it out from under them.

    Plugin Author Josh


    I can understand your frustrations, truly. You should have felt mine when I realized NONE of the addons all of you have become so dependent on have quit working.

    Please, to fully understand my side of this, read these few articles I wrote:

    There was no planned ‘bait and switch’… there was no planned ‘take advantage of’ strategy…

    There has only been me, working the past six months, to bring these plugins back to the WordPress users.

    I had no control over this update. I had no control over WordPress including the Tinymce4 version of the editor. I had no control over any other ‘decisions’ made by the WordPress team.

    All I had/have control over is how I reacted to the situation. I saw this coming six months in advance.. and started planning accordingly.

    I’m sorry much of the functionality is gone. I’m sorry those buttons I worked so hard to bring you originally, don’t work anymore. I’m sorry so many people are experiencing difficulties with their websites.. I know that feeling.

    But, I am a single person. Ultimate Tinymce was the culmination of three years of work… dead. Imaging spending three years of your life working on something… for free… only to have it die. Then, everyone chastises you because they became so dependent on it.. and you ‘took it away from them’.

    None of this is ‘my fault’. I’m sorry everyone feels like I’m trying to ‘take advantage of’; but that is ridiculous. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    I am working on this.. every single day… to try to get WP Edit back to a shell of what Ultimate Tinymce once was. It will take time.

    Thank you for reading.

    Plugin Author Josh


    It somehow seems unfair to charge a premium for someone else’s free open source code?

    Just to clarify, the Advanced HTML Code button available in my Pro version is a NEW button I wrote completely from scratch.

    The reason it appears so much like the old one… is I spent extra time making this happen. So people would not feel ‘uncomfortable’ by a completely changed interface.

    That button is not open source. I wrote that under my own licensing.. which is why it is only available in my Pro version.


    My apologies. I guess this was just my frustration speaking, and I understand that mine is nothing compared to what you have experienced in this change over. You deserved better; sorry. And thanks for taking the time to explain this to an old crank like myself. I didn’t realize that the old/new Advanced HTML Code button issue was much more than simply “plugging in” the CodeMagic plugin into WP.

    If I may ask one more question…? Is the CodeMagic TinyMCE plugin itself also now out of date (incompatible w/ the new version of TinyMCe)? You explained that you’ve written all new code for your new button. Just curious if you’ve spoken to the original developers or tried to work with them? Do you know whether they are re-writing theirs to work with TinyMCE 4?

    Will the end user notice any difference between the old Advanced HTML Code button operation and the new one in WP Edit Pro?

    Thanks again for your response; I’m sure you have more important things to do. And again, I’m sorry for shooting off my mouth without understanding the entire situation.

    Plugin Author Josh


    It’s completely fine. You’re actually quite mild compared to some of the others I’ve experienced 😉

    The problem is most of those addons were written YEARS ago:

    That link is where I picked up most of the extra addons for the tinymce version 3 (take a look, you’ll see a bunch there).

    You can tell the contributions on that page are dwindling dramatically.

    I don’t know if it’s the community (not as many people giving away for free); or if developers have moved on to different platforms.

    I still see great reviews for TinyMCE, and I must admit with their new version, it is MUCH nicer when coding. However, I see almost no involvement in the open-source TinyMCE community.

    You’re guess is as good as mine as to whether this will change…

    If you are interested, I have contacted the CodeMagic developers and they report that they are in the process of updating that plugin:

    They say they will post updates here.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Thank you very much. I will certainly monitor the thread. We just have to ensure it is open source code.

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