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  • I have read the documents on the codex for how to create the authors pages… but it sems like I didnt catch something there…

    All I want is to have a link of the author name, in the Signle.php page, that links to a page that shows the authors.

    Same thing with the Archives page, cant seem to have it created by the WP.

    Any tips for me ? thanks.

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  • You should use one of the Author Template_Tags to link to their pages…

    ok, i think this is what I look for here :

    But do I create a new page from wordpress control panel (Write > Page) and name it Authors ?
    Because I want to that when people read an article, an see the writer name, clic on the writer name, an that link open a WP page named Authors.
    That Autors pages would show a list of the present writers form the blog (name), and maybe option later (like post count, etc.). And probably a little resume on them, like a short bio.

    You said you have read the Codex:

    And no, it won’t open a “WP Page“. It opens the listing of the posts* of that author – displayed by the Author Template. WP is smarter than you think: if the proper template exists, it will use it.
    More: Template_Hierarchy.

    * you could call it “author’s archives”, too.

    Totaly not the codex page i had found, this one is way better.

    i have created my author.php file and uplaoded it by ftp. My arhive.php was already there, existing.
    At the moment, on my posts, my writers links is set to elsewhere, so where do I go to see the author.php preview showing on my blog ? I’ve tryed and it goes to the 404error page.

    No, you should never link directly to any template file. Never.

    As I said above: WP is smarter, it knows exactly when to use the template file to display the posts.
    And on that codex tutorial you also have the “Basics” = how to link to an author template. Just read it.

    my writers links is set to elsewhere

    Too bad. It should point to where you want to see the posts of that author.

    ok, thanks Moshu. My author page works well, i was in fact the link that does needed to be the one made by wp. At first I wanted to create a page then insert the codes to show the infos I wanted.

    But how can I insert a photo to the author page ?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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