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  • I am new to WordPress. Started with version 3.1. No plug-ins. Upgraded Flash. Checked upload folder in settings. Checked sticky on Image problems and none apply. Checked older troubleshooting questions but they are all for earlier versions of WP and even my web host tech didn’t understand some of the suggestions. Tried various ones and none worked.

    When I try to upload an image I get a dialog saying upload failed because:
    missing temporary folder

    How can so many people face the same problem without a direct fix or definitive support solution for such a basic issue as uploading images?

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  • Without seeing the entire error message I would suggest yoiu check your hosting site temp dir as well as WP. If my memory is correct then you will be using the hosts /tmp and there may be an issue there. Check by running a test upload and echo out the file tmp_name attribute.

    More $_FILES info

    datasoftict – I appreciate your response, but……

    Here is the entire error messsage:
    (Image file name) has failed to upload due to an error
    Missing a temporary folder

    Uploading images to a blog is about as basic as you can get. I have seen many messages in this forum from people having the same issues and getting support suggestions that are way over their heads. I am not a tech person. If WordPress is this complicated on such a basic issue and so many people are having so many problems with this one issue and no one has yet found a basic resolution, than maybe WordPress is just beyond my capabilities. I’m sorry but maybes, and run checks may work with someone who writes code, but it doesn’t help me. I have to work thru my hosting techs. They have already spent hours trying various solutions suggested in the forums without success.

    I think there are many thousands if not tens of thousands of WP installations. If there was such a fundamental flaw I think it would show by now. If only .5% had some form of error it would still look like a lot of sites, indeed it would be a lot, but not compared to how many work OK.

    I am suggesting that there could be other issues regarding the WP upload. Often there are errors using the /tmp directory set in PHP. You, as a user, might have permission issues and so on.

    Hosting companies will try briefly to do what they can, but they have their own agenda as well. All I was suggesting is that you should try running a simple file transfer using a .php file outside of WP and see if it works. If you can’t do this then maybe the techies at your web hosting can do it as a test on your behalf.

    WP should work straight from the uzip file, but depending on so many factors it doesn’t always. I can’t help you as I can’t access your host, so if there are checks and changes that are needed you are the only one who can do that. The alternative is to find a developer who can help and pay the appropriate rate, or keep asking your hosting to check out what is going wrong. Running a test upload is hardly going to them more than a few minutes for them. Normally I would suggest running phpinfo and checking the /tmp directory, but that might be best done by them as well.

    Might be a bit late to make a difference, but I had this problem on a windows machine and solved it by editing the upload_tmp_dir section of php.ini to point to the temp directory in windows “c:\windows\temp”.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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