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  • I’m trying to install an “Alex King” template, style, skin, or theme (?) into my “wp-content/themes” folder, and when I try to activate it, I’ve been told I’m missing a template file. The only text file is the “style.css” file. How do I create or borrow a template file?

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  • If you are missing a file, for some reason it’s not there. Such as header.php, footer.php, etc.
    Double check that you uploaded all the files to the wp-content/themes directory.
    What theme was it?

    It was the DOTS (3 column). I downloaded the compressed file, which included
    images (folder)

    I’d love to get the rest of this.

    You have to put all those files in a folder called /dot under the /themes folder: wp_content/themes/dot/

    You have to put all those files in a folder called /dot under the /themes folder: wp_content/themes/dot/

    Yes, he would do that, but there are no template pages, ie, header, index, footer, etc.

    Can a theme work without those?

    Er. Dots is a WP 1.2 style. Not a theme.


    It definitely does NOT work without the other pieces.

    What is the format for a tempate page? What is the default name for this?

    OK, it’s a style, not a theme. I really don’t know the difference. I don’t do webpages on a regular basis. How do I transform this style into a theme?

    I would suggest looking at some 3 column templates, and perhaps using some of the CSS in dots, create your own hybrid.

    Actually, you *should* be able to throw those files into the classic template directory….

    In theory, that is…

    I don’t know for sure…

    But it’s worth a try.

    If someone could point me to a 3 column template, that would be appreciated. I’ve been spending hours trying to find one, and I thought I had one with “DOTS.”
    scroll about 3/4 of the way down to the 3 column templates…

    I know this is a “style” for 1.2.x – but they work, and they would be using the Classic template files. (It says on Alexking’s site, soo.)
    And Dots was adapted (=changed the styleshett’s header portion) for 1.5.

    I would be inclined to fit Neuros 1.5 port of the very excellent 🙂 Trident. A quick search will throw up the url.

    you don’t have to throw the files of a style into another theme’s folder.
    In the case of dots the only thing you have to modify (after creating its own directory) changing in the style.css the first lines, like this:
    Template: classic
    Theme Name: dots
    Description: Dots - A WordPress CSS Template. Copyright 2004 Alex King. Based on: Bloggia 3-Column Template by Alex King (
    Author: Alex King
    Author URI:


    That very first line tells WP to use the template files from the Classic theme.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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