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    Fully repeatable.

    What I Do

    • Export a blog from, getting a WXR file.
    • Import that WXR into a self-hosted WordPress 3.0.1 install.

    What happens

    • All categories, tags, and links have disappeared from the frontend.
    • A few categories appear in the backend (either in the post editing interface or in the categories menu), but they aren’t assigned to any post.
    • Tags appear in the Post Tags menu, but they aren’t assigned to any post.
    • Links don’t appear anywhere.
    • Most items in my term_taxonomy table show a count of zero (though I didn’t have empty categories or tags on the original blog).
    • The WXR file does include the relevant tags and categories at the end of each post.

    What I’ve Tried

    • Went through the same import procedure with a total of three blogs (enkerli, informalethnographer, and selfdeprecating), imported on two different hosts, Bluehost and iWeb. This was done with WordPress installed either manually or through cPanel. (Also tried on three different domain names.)
    • Disabled all plugins and used the default theme (Twenty Ten).
    • Exported the SQL and imported it in a fresh install after dropping the new tables.
    • Moved a multisite blog including the problematic one from one host to another by importing .sql files and wp-content.
    • Repaired all tables.
    • Added categories and tags to “Hello World,” per this advice.
    • Tried the cleanup script found here.
    • Looked at posts on both and forums (it seems to be more of an issue with self-hosted WordPress).
    • Posted on the WordPress Multisite forum.

    More Info

    • My main blog ( is the first one I’ve imported, on an existing WordPress install on Bluehost. As far as I remember, selfdeprecating is the first one I imported on a new WordPress install on iWeb.
    • My main blog (enkerli) has a very large number of categories and tags but the other two (selfdeprecating and informalethnographer) don’t.
    • In case it’s not obvious: all the attempts with self-hosted WordPress are with 3.0.1. The first one was with a multisite install which had been created as 3.0 a few months ago and updated automatically.
    • Both of my webhosts are shared and I’d be very surprised if they happened to run into MySQL problems at the same time.
    • I’m no expert in any of this. For instance, I can run SQL queries in phpMyAdmin or apply some simple operations to tables, but I have a hard time understanding what might be happening with those tables upon import.
    • Apart from tags, links, and categories, it seems that the rest of the content has been imported flawlessly in all cases, including media attachments.

    Thoughts? Anybody with a similar issue? Anybody tried imported a WXR from, recently?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    I am having a similar problem. I exported from and imported into

    Everything was successful EXCEPT the tags and categories. All pages, posts, media, links, and comments worked. The tags and categories came over, but they are not connected to any of the blog posts.

    I’ve looked at the WXR file. The tags and categories are connected to the blog posts in the WXR file, BUT they are not associated on the new site.

    Any help is appreciated! I have attempted twice.

    (Sorry to shout..)

    Sydlow found a workaround. Still requires some fiddling, but it saved me a lot of pain.

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