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  1. markdmac
    Posted 7 years ago #

    My sidebar.php file is supposed to give me a listing of categories and allow me to pick a month to look at archived messages. I am not getting that to display and I can't figure out why. This was working when I first installed WordPress. I immediately switched my theme and only made changes to my installed theme, not the default. I tried switching back to the default theme but no luck there either. This leads me to believe that I did something within the general WordPress admin settings. My visitors are also not able to sign up as users to my blog because there is no link for that anywhere.

    Here is the code from my sidebar.php file:

    <div id="smallcolumn">
    <div id="rssbox">
    "><img style="vertical-align:middle" src="<?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?>/images/rss.gif" alt="Subscribe to <?php bloginfo('name'); ?>" />
    <?php include(TEMPLATEPATH . "/about.php"); ?>
    <?php include(TEMPLATEPATH . "/adblock.php"); ?>

    <div id="sidebar">

      <?php if ( function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') && dynamic_sidebar('sidebar') ) : else : ?>
      <?php wp_list_categories('orderby=name&show_count=0&title_li=<h2>Categories</h2>'); ?>

    • <h2>Archives</h2>

        <?php wp_get_archives('type=monthly&limit=12'); ?>
    • <h2>Pages</h2>

        <?php wp_list_pages('title_li='); ?>
    • <?php endif; ?>


    I DO get the RSS, About, Adblock and Pages to dispaly. Just don't get the Categories and Archives. I have no idea how the setup of user IDs is even supposed to work so I don't know where the link for that should be located.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. My searches in this forum have not yielded a solution.

    In case it is needed, here is the code from my Archive.php page.

    <?php get_header(); ?>

    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>

    <div id="content">

    <?php if (have_posts()) : ?>

    <?php $post = $posts[0]; // Hack. Set $post so that the_date() works. ?>
    <?php /* If this is a category archive */ if (is_category()) { ?>
    <h2 class="pagetitle">Archive for the ‘<?php echo single_cat_title(); ?>’ Category</h2>

    <?php /* If this is a daily archive */ } elseif (is_day()) { ?>
    <h2 class="pagetitle">Archive for <?php the_time('F jS, Y'); ?></h2>

    <?php /* If this is a monthly archive */ } elseif (is_month()) { ?>
    <h2 class="pagetitle">Archive for <?php the_time('F, Y'); ?></h2>

    <?php /* If this is a yearly archive */ } elseif (is_year()) { ?>
    <h2 class="pagetitle">Archive for <?php the_time('Y'); ?></h2>

    <?php /* If this is an author archive */ } elseif (is_author()) { ?>
    <h2 class="pagetitle">Author Archive</h2>

    <?php /* If this is a paged archive */ } elseif (isset($_GET['paged']) && !empty($_GET['paged'])) { ?>
    <h2 class="pagetitle">Blog Archives</h2>

    <?php } ?>

    <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>

    <div class="post" id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>">

    <h2>" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to <?php the_title(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></h2>

    <div class="cover">
    <div class="entry">

    <?php the_content('Read the rest of this entry »'); ?>
    #comments"><?php comments_popup_link(__('No responses yet'), __('One response so far'), __('% responses so far')); ?>

    <div class="postmetadata">



    <?php endwhile; ?>

    <div class="navigation">
    <div class="alignleft"><?php next_posts_link('« Previous Entries') ?></div>
    <div class="alignright"><?php previous_posts_link('Next Entries »') ?></div>

    <?php else : ?>

    <h1 class="title">Not Found</h1>
    <p>Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here.</p>

    <?php endif; ?>


    <?php get_footer(); ?>

  2. markdmac
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I noticed that the admin console was telling me that there was an update available for WordPress. I followed the directions for uploading the update and it summarily killed my blog. After deleting and reinstalling via the ISPs wizards (old version again) I got everything back online and the archives and categories are now visible. Still no links for people to create a user ID though. So, this issue is partially resolved. Can anyone tell me how to add a link for people to create user IDs?

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