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  • We are using the Esplanade theme. We are having difficulties with the right sidebar vanishing in Internet Explorer 8. It works fine in Firefox, I believe.

    The main pages look fine:
    The Home Page

    The Blog:

    The problems come when you go to the Search page:

    That itself looks fine too.

    However, if you click any of the searches, in IE 8 you get a result with no right sidebar and the header is squished.
    The same result happens when you go to any individual search result. For instance, if you choose Overtures, you get this page:
    and if you click on the first entry, you get this page:
    neither of which has the right sidebar.

    We initially had trouble getting the sidebar to appear at all, but we were able to fix that on the Esplanade Theme Design page for Custom CSS, adding in that box the following code:

    #sidebar-right {
        width: 100%;

    But for some reason, these other pages don’t seem to carry through this custom CSS. A clue that I noticed is that on the pages that do work, the footer reads (c) 1999-2013; on the ones that don’t work, it reads (c) 1999-2012. It’s like there’s some style sheet hiding somewhere that makes IE8 pick up an old version of the page template, before the changes to the Custom CSS and the footer were made. I’m stumped as to where that would be, though. Any ideas? Other folks seem to have noted issues with Word formatting, but I’m not seeing any obvious Word formatting, and we try to always use Notepad to avoid Word issues, but we certainly could have missed something. Thanks.

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  • Michael


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    to judge from the body_class output, these pages ( ) are explicitely using a page template without sidebar:

    <body class="page page-id-7 page-template-default logged-in admin-bar custom-background page-template-template-no-sidebars-php">

    Oh, nice catch. Any idea where we can reset that so when these pages are generated it will use the template-content-sidebar-php template instead?



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    are you able to locate the ‘search’ page in dashboard – pages ?
    when you edit the page, there are the ‘page attributes’ on the right where you can choose a ‘template’

    Yes, we can change the page attributes for the pages that are hardcoded, but the ones generated by the search.php seem to be going to the no sidebar template instead of just using the default or template-content-sidebar-php, and we have no way to change those that I can find.



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    this problem does not seem to come from the theme; I just downloaded it and used the default search in the header which used a normal layout with sidebar.

    are you using a plugin for the search?

    the search urls are definitively different from the urls of the ‘normal’ pages.

    No, we’re not using any plugins. We have a separate PHP search engine of some kind but I don’t know the details on it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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