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    Thanks for the great plugin.

    I have it activated for a custom post type with auto adding to the title activated. It works like it should. unfortunately the column in backend “Secondary title” shows none of the secondary titles. So the column is there (including heading “Secondary title” but no entries are visible. However if you look into the post the secondary title is correctly there.

    Any ideas? o_O

    thanks Sascha

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  • Plugin Author thaikolja


    Thanks for your time to submit the bug.

    Can you upload a screenshot?

    Will do tomorrow πŸ˜‰ krass schnelle Antwort.

    Here is a screenshot

    Plugin Author thaikolja


    Hmm… weird. secondary_title_overview_column_content() is the function that is supposed to display the content – and this function isn’t being called. But that should only happen if the post type is not set.

    Does your post type appear on the plugin’s settings page? And it’d help if you could send me the code you use to register your custom post type.

    Hmmm. It gets stranger πŸ˜‰

    I checked in the plugin settings. YES the custom post type is there. I even single checked my custom post type. I now un-checked all boxes so the secondary title would show up on ALL post types. Now the column works in the custom post type. Maybe you have some strange if_else mixup when only some post types are checked in the plugin settings?

    I would not count out the possibility that my theme does also do some strange things, but I belive there is just some mixup here.

    Plugin Author thaikolja


    This is what I use:

    if(in_array($post_type, $allowed_post_types) || !isset($allowed_post_types[0])) {...}

    So it either displays the content if the post type is within the allowed post types array OR if no post types are checked at all. Do you have any special character in your custom post type name?

    By the way, the KrΓΆver Nacktarsch sounds delicious, lol.

    custom post type is “food” so I see no special characters πŸ˜‰

    Nacktarsch is a whine region at Mosel πŸ˜‰

    Plugin Author thaikolja


    Well, if you really want to make sure if your post is within the allowed post types, you can write this anyway in your PHP theme files:


    It should look like this:

    Array ( [0] => post [1] => page )

    Jupp Array ( [0] => food )

    Anyway, right now I’m happy. Subheadings for all post types is sufficient.
    However, still a strange behaviour

    Plugin Author thaikolja


    I have one last idea. Please open includes/hooks.php and add after line 99:

    add_filter("manage_" . $post_type . "_custom_column", "secondary_title_overview_column_content", 10, 2);

    The whole thing should look like this.

    And test again. Thanks!

    Unfortunately that didn’t do it. I experimented a bit and found the following behaviour:

    1. If I ONLY activate the custom post type food in plugin settings the columns will stay empty.
    2. If I activate food and any other post type (e.g. posts) both will show the right content in the column.
    3. If I only activate posts and NOT food it works also as expected.

    I figured out that if I only activate food the
    in_array($post_type, $allowed_post_types)
    is not true. However if I activate posts as well it is.

    Array of print_r(secondary_title_get_setting(“post_types”)) prints the following if botha are activated
    Array ( [0] => post [1] => food )
    and the following if only food is activated
    Array ( [0] => food )
    This is my array of print_r(get_post_types())
    Array ( [post] => post [page] => page [attachment] => attachment [revision] => revision [nav_menu_item] => nav_menu_item [food] => food )

    From my point of view it should work, but it does not.

    You see me as puzzled as you are πŸ™


    It does also not work if I activate only food and pages. Mabe the post type “post” is doing something special here?

    Plugin Author thaikolja


    Can you tell me what plugins + themes you use so I can try to reproduce the error over here?

    I already deactivated all plugins.
    Plugins in use (all deactivated right now)

    Category Order and Taxonomy Terms
    iThemes Security
    Lightbox Plus Colorbox
    Secondary Title
    UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore

    If you send an e-mail to I will send you the theme (800KB) I’m using.

    thaikolja found the issue. Thanks for the super quick support!


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