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  • I dont know what happened, it was working fine at one point.

    But in my “Checkout” area the scroll bar on the page is missing to scroll down & complete all of the shipping info?

    Go to the products page & add a product & then click go to checkout so you can see exactly what I’m talking about:

    You will see it only shows a small portion of the checkout info.

    Like I said it worked before & the only thing I did in the style.css was use display: none to get rid of the post info (tags, date, author etc) so that it was a cleaner looking site.

    Any ideas how to fix the Checkout page?


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  • Anyone have any ideas?



    I’m not an expert, and am just learning myself, but when I go poking around using Chrome’s Inspect Element, and then comparing to a site of my own, I notice that on your site #container has a height of 600px. Coupled with the fact that #main has a setting of overflow: hidden: I think this is why your checkout form is getting cut off like that. Using the property inspector, I can change overflow to something else, and have the rest of the form display, but I’m pretty sure that you want to get rid of the height setting on #container. I’m comparing to a test site of my own that’s based on the Twenty Ten theme, and I don’t see a height setting in the original style.css.

    What are you using to setup that shopping cart system?

    Ok so if I completely remove the height of 600px from the #container, it does bring back my checkout working properly, but now the rest of my site has a very small looking height to it?

    Should I leave the 600px height in there & just change the overflow from hidden to something else?

    Instead of hidden, what should it be?

    Check it out & tell me what you think I should do?

    And I’m using Dukapress as my checkout system. I like it because its pretty clean & more importantly allows an Alertpay integration, which I couldnt find any where else.

    Alright I did some switching around.

    I left the height of 600px in #container so the site looks “full” & long and spreads to the bottom of the page.

    I then added this to #main:

    #main {
    clear: both;
    overflow-x: hidden;
    overflow-y: auto;

    And it seems to render fine – can anyone else verify it looks ok?

    It does work, but I see a scrollbar, which I personally don’t think is ideal.

    Could you set a min-height of 600px on the container instead?

    There is a height of 600px on the container, but for some reason, it was affecting the checkout.

    It seems the scrollbar might be the only way we can get all of the info to display properly without making the default height like 2000px or something.

    Are scrollbars “out” these days or something?

    Oh, I’m not saying a scrollbar is “out” — I just personally think it would look better without.

    If you are happy with a scrollbar, then there’s no need to go further, I was just trying to brainstorm, especially because I’m still trying to learn CSS myself.

    Did you try the min-height setting? That should set the minimum height of the container to 600px, but if the content is longer, it should expand as needed.

    Ok, I’d rather do what you’re suggesting.

    Where do I want to set the min-height?

    As I mentioned, I have #container set to height: 600px

    So what are you suggesting I add & to where? Do I need to specify min-height: 600px;

    Is min-height a piece of CSS?

    Yes, in the stylesheet, try min-height: 600px; INSTEAD of height: 600px;

    Also, you probably ought to be making your changes to a child theme, instead of directly to the Twentyten theme, when you upgrade WordPress, the changes you have made will get overwritten. Have you spent time looking through the Codex, there is a lot of good information there?

    Ok nice, so I removed all overflow attributes from #main & added min-height: 600px to #container & everything seems to look good right?

    And uhh… no I didnt realize that I should be making changes to the child theme… I just have one 2010 theme

    So what can I do in order to keep all my work, but change the file so that this becomes child & the 2010 theme has a parent?

    Can I just change the file name to 2010_child & redownload a 2010 theme to stick it in there?

    bump on child/parent issue.


    Did you actually go read about child themes?

    You need to put the child theme in its own directory, add some code to the child theme’s style.css in order to link it to the parent theme (which, yes you would want to download a fresh copy of the twentyten theme if you want it to be a parent).

    You could also just forget about it being a child theme, and not link it to the twentyten theme, but you do want to rename your theme folder, so it doesn’t get overwritten when you update. I mentioned the child/parent option, as that seems to be the general recommendation given by others in other posts about modifying themes here in the forum.

    Ok I think I understand all of what was in that link lol

    So basically if I just rename my current twentyten to twentyten-child & redownload a new twentyten, I should be good to go right?

    And then just re-activate the new theme labled twentyten-child?

    Is that an easy way of doing this?

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