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    I am suddenly missing the results from a Search Profiles button on my pages. Before now (including last night) a click would list all the profiles, and a search on Area would list some of them. Now I get ‘Nothing Found’ as a message, although all are still there in the list of profiles.

    Site: Using the plug-in Profile CCT

    Last night I made some minor changes to the display of the profiles, which I put in Custom CSS. It was working fine when I tested it, and it is the latest change I’ve made to Profiles. I don’t think the code is the problem, but I’ll include it here.

    /* to remove spare header bits in Profiles, and in Events */
    .entry-author, .entry-date, .entry-comment-info {

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  • PS – The error message is on a page with a standard site search, which works fine…

    Theme Author ronangelo


    If the change happened “suddenly” and you have not updated your theme then I don’t see how this issue is related to frontier. You’re right that it is highly unlikely that css code would cause this. You can always check by viewing the page source to see if the content you’re looking for is just hidden.

    Since the functionality is added by a plugin, you might want to post on the plugin’s support page as the original author might be of more help.

    Note: There’s an option for enabling/disabling those post elements that you’re hiding through css.

    Frontier Options -> Blog
    Frontier Options -> Posts & Pages

    Thanks, I’ll check that note.

    How do I view the page source for a search result?

    Theme Author ronangelo


    How do I view the page source for a search result?

    Right-click on that page then select “View Page Source” or even better you can use Firebug.

    Of course – sorry, I was thinking within WP editing.

    Everything has come back, no idea why! Thanks.

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