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  • Nothing has been changed, no updates done recently with wp or any plugin.

    But many product images in the woo commerce shop suddenly have gone.
    They have been replaced with the placeholder image.

    Also I can see the image files are missing from the server.

    I find it strange because if I manually delete any image files from the server that are currently being used as product image on the site, then those products still have a connection with the deleted image and still tries to display them but cannot find them,

    However in this issue I am having, the files are gone from the server, and each product in woocommerce no longer has any connection with the original image. So just re-uploading the image is not enough to bring them back. I need to either manually go to each product in wp admin and re-upload or restore the whole database.

    Any ideas or suggestions on what might have caused this. It seems strange to me almost as if the database has changed or corrupt and also the relevant images are missing from the server. I am checking ftp logs ect and there is no sign of deletions.

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  • any ideas ? anything? possible causes? Please

    Why would wordpress/woocommerce product suddenly remove product images. Just showing a placeholder. I guess the database has changed. Would wp-optimize do this?
    But I have been using wp-optimize for months, all plugins and wp version are still the same since then.

    They are not newer images , just randoms.

    And then I find the relevant images are also missing in the server folders so it is not just wp that is a problem.

    And re-uploading them won’t make them re-appear. It seems I will need to restore the full database or upload each one in the product edit section.

    Jungleman1, did you ever figure out what happened? Same thing happened to me.

    Yes. The images that were missing were not so random after all… they were a specific type of image.

    It is possible that one of my collegues with admin access didn’t like some of the images or me and so decided to delete them through wp admin. wp doesn’t log this directly.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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