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  1. avadir
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hi, I'm pretty new to blog sites, but I managed to get mine up and running ok,(WordPress Rocks BTW) i'm not sure if it's a problem or the way things are designed or maybe it's my theme. but my posts go missing.

    From the admin panel, options, Reading,

    "Blog Pages: Show at most:___Posts"
    I set the number to 5 posts per page so i don't clutter the page up., but then it seems like some posts go missing,

    my site (Warning, it is somewhat adult oriented, not porn)

    I have 14 posts in total, but I really only seem to have access to 12 that are linked on pages, the other 2 are not linked on any page. When i go into a Catagory I see only 5 posts on the page, but the other posts in that catagory are not linked, there no "next page" button or link to find the others.

    How can i correct this? Do I have to have my Blog set to display a huge number of posts per page in order to see them all?

    Appreciate any help.

    Thanks you.

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