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  • After upgrading to 2.7, I lost all of my posts and pages. Thank goodness I did a back up. How do I restore the posts and pages? I’d rather not fully restore WP back to the older version. I would imagine this is an easy fix.

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  • Can’t imagine what you did unless you changed the $table_prefix in wp-config.php.

    Restoring_Your_Database_From_Backup explains database restoration, but if you are reverting to 2.6.5 you will need to restore WordPress files also.

    I can’t find any menu items with exception of Tools and Profile. How do I get all of the menu options? Plus, the WP is crunched up on top and bottom so i can’t see anything, I’m blind clicking once my mouse becomes a hand (OSX)

    Please help

    ctwalter – please start another thread with your question.

    I can see all the page and post info in the database within phpMyAdmin. I don’t think I need to import anything into the database. It seems that I need my wordpress to pull from the database. I checked the options.php and it seemed fine.

    i’m still stuck

    got it

    I am having the same problem you was having with missing posts and pages – may I ask how you fixed it?

    Well now my entire site is gone – but can I asked how you fixed your problem still? As I upgraded on another site which I use WP and the same problem with missing posts and pages is happening on that site…

    Thank you in advance

    I spoke too soon. After I restore my database, and then try to do anything I get this:

    Database Upgrade Required

    Your WordPress database is out-of-date, and must be upgraded before you can continue.

    The upgrade process may take a while, so please be patient.

    Upgrade WordPress

    If I click Upgrade then I lose my posts and pages again.

    oh sorry to hear that…maybe someone will figure out what is goin on and help us out…

    Atleast I hope so cuz now I got two screwed up sites…and i wanna fix them as soon as possible…

    And I have done every tip and advise others has given me to troubleshoot these issues on my end and nothin works…

    Lisa, did you backup your databases?

    yes i did backup my database – I shoulda backed the site up too…but I asked my host to restore it for me…but i got a database backup

    I would rather have missing posts and pages as that is what happened to me at first when i uploaded the new version files over the old version files (overwrite the ole ones with the new ones) and i had missing posts and pages…parts of the admin cp was missing and the site itself just was not working properly

    so i deleted all the files and uploaded the new files and upgraded – first time my site disappeared – gone blank and that pissed me off so I deleted all the files again and reuploaded the new files…same problem – blank site – no site

    So I contacted my host tech support requesting a site restoration from their most recent site backup –

    Rite now am thinking to start over as to be honest…2.7 LOOKS AWESOME but tis a real shame when you upgrade it is all messed up

    To be honest…I honestly think it got some bugs in it as I did follow the instructions and I know am not doing nothing wrong…only thing I done wrong was no deactivating my plugins when upgradin the first time and maybe that is where the problem lies but like I said am new to WP…and I didn’t know you had to deactivate the plugins when upgrading…

    Are there any suggestions for me on how to upgrade the database w/o losing the posts and pages?

    DrGonzoRIP, if you upgrade, then visit Posts->Edit, do you see your posts?

    @drgonzorip well i am just speculating… change your theme to defacult for time being and remove/diactivate all your plugins (move all plugin files and folder to some ohter folder) and then check your blog.

    if you are on wp 2.6.x then try to upgrade to wp 2.7and then check your blog.


    When I upgrade the database, then go to Posts->Edit. It says No posts Found.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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