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  • I’m changing servers and upgrading from 2.0.3 (I think) to 2.3.3. My process was:
    Old host: use phpmyadmin to export to .sql file
    New host: use fantastico & cpanel to install WP 2.3.3
    Workstation: text edit .sql file to change db name and
    prefix to match fantastico-generated naming conventions
    New host:
    * use phpmyadmin to import .sql file
    * use phpmyaadmin to look at table contents; looks ok.
    * Look at site. I *think* things looked OK at this point but I’m not sure.
    * Login to get to site admin. WP says I need to upgrade. Continue. WP gives reports 4 database errors, all involving wp-terms and wp-term_taxonomy. These had to do with renaming “Uncategorized” and “Blogroll” to “General” and “Teams”.
    * In site admin > manage categories, edit Uncategorized and call it “General”. Edit Blogroll and call it “Teams”. There are sub-categories under Teams. These were not visible until completing the edit. Then they appeared properly.
    * View the site. At this point I noticed that the Archives section only had two entries, and there should be many. It looks like only 5 posts are visible. It looks like all the pages made it but only the 5 posts.
    * Look at wp_posts using phpmyadmin. 37 items are in the table, including the missing posts.

    I read the first 7 or 8 support entries after a “move to new host” search. Found some helpful info. For example, 2.3 breaks some themes, but I’m using WordPress Default 1.6, which should be the safest choice.

    Any suggestions?

    Also, if anybody has a suggestion for a better process, I’m all ears. The “knight’s move” of changing servers and WordPress versions in one move made me uncomfortable from the start.


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