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  • Despite delivering great functionality and sort of fair value for money, it looks like they don’t really care about user feedback and support.

    For example their User Registration addon doesn’t has a password strength meter for the registration- or password reset form.

    Going through their forum one sees requests for this dating back to 2013…

    Hopefully they some day will remedy this and the I would be glad to give it a 5 stars
    Finally it is possible to set password strength and it also comes with a well done and self explaining strength meter.

    If now it only would be possible to set the minimum password length to more then 8 characters it would be the rock star form plugin with an option for front end user registration and login.

    Because of this I upgraded the rating to only 4 stars, but will add gladly the 5th star when the password length can be set too, as this shouldn’t be so difficult now.

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  • Plugin Author Steph Wells


    Hi Pedstone,

    Thanks for your feature request. Support is our highest priority and the feedback we get helps drive our features.

    As you may guess, we get many feature requests, and must prioritize based on more than the date the feature was first requested. Did you add your vote to the suggestion here? This is the best way to help us prioritize rather than a bad review.

    Also, we’d appreciate it if you edit your review to make it about Formidable rather than an addon that you feel is missing a feature. Thanks!

    Sorry – this is not a feature request, this is simply about how how happy I feel with a product you sell.

    You raised some customer expectations in your offering you simply don’t keep up with.

    If you can’t handle a basic request for 4 years, then it’s maybe better just not to offer that feature at all, then in a way that generates a feedback like this. It’s that easy.

    The rest of formidable form looks formidable, however I haven’t tried out everything.

    Plugin Author Steph Wells


    As you can see from that suggestion I linked you too, we’ve only have 28 requests for this feature. The top-requested feature that we haven’t yet added has 135. While we definitely see a password strength meter as valuable, we don’t see the product as incomplete without it. This is a feature we would like to add, but it isn’t yet at the top of our priority list. Sorry!

    Sadly your reply makes me even more insecure about recommending your products.

    Here are a few links about articles with script examples how this issue can get solved and it looks like it shouldn’t be too difficult.–wp-34736

    I think this shouldn’t be a difficult task for the dev’s that created the products you sell.

    OMG it even shows the password in plain text!! What will be next?

    Plugin Author Steph Wells


    Many factors go into determining the priority of new features. The time required and number of requests are major factors. But the date first requested is not a factor we weigh heavily.

    When a user is created, the password is not stored in Formidable. But if a user isn’t created, we don’t have a way of knowing what you are doing with it. At that point, whatever you do with that password needs to be handled on your end.

    But it appears you are determined to be disappointed no matter what I say, unless it’s telling you that we are immediately adding the feature you want. Best of luck to you in your plugin search! I hope you find what you are looking for.

    Hi Pedstone,
    Putting a single star to FP because a feature is missing is like putting a single star to all other form plugins because they do not offer nested dynamic fields, a feature that should be provided as a base but which is much more complex to implement. In addition, FP is so open that when a feature is missing, it is very often possible to add it yourself, with the support and the users themselves who are many to share their knowledge. You could at least make the effort to rate this plugin with a constructive rather than destructive mindset.

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