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  • Hello there
    I got a strange problem i am facing currently and I do not know what to do .
    After installing wordpress 2.5.1 I found out that two main parent pages suddenly disappeared and were replaced by 404 page, the strange is that the pages content is still and it is only two parent pages , the other parent pages are there !!

    does anyone have any idea about this problem

    Thanks in advance

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  • By “install” I assume you mean “upgraded”? May be useful to know what version you upgraded from 🙂

    And what is the URL? Again, can often help to have a look at the problem directly.

    I upgraded WP , the version I upgraded from is 2.5

    Here is the URL

    Wow – I see what you mean. Very unusual.

    If you go to “Manage” in the Admin panel, are the pages still there? If so, have you tried re-publishing them?

    yes they are still there ,I will try to re-publish them

    Ok – let me know if that helps!

    Oh, found this link:

    To do with a similar problem on upgrade to 2.3.1.

    I don’t know if this will help your problem but I had similar one where only my blog page would show, none of the others were there. I went into the admin panel and under ‘options’ and then ‘permalinks’ I had to reset the permalink structure to “default”. I’m the furthest thing from an expert here and it’s my first wordpress troubleshooting but it resolved my issue. All my pages are back!

    @Iian ,I tried this but it did not work

    @cfe,it works but the bad thing I lost my old links 🙁

    Now you have the pages back, have you tried changing the permalinks back to the ones you want? Perhaps now it has “found” the pages, that may work.

    It *could* be to do with your .htaccess file as well….

    When you change your Permalinks, does the system say “OK, done” or does it say that you need to manually update the .htaccess file? If it does, you’ll find the required code down at the bottom of the page once you change the permalinks. In this case, for some reason it’s not got permission to change the file itself so it’s asking you to do it.

    I’m currently digging into this page too. Maybe you’ll find something useful. I just switched servers from apache to a windows one is IIS so that is the true root of my problem and I’m still trying to work it out so I can use “Pretty Permalinks” as they call them. It seems it may be messing around with the .htaccess file like lain mentioned.

    Not so much messing with it as getting the permissions required on the file to allow WordPress to do the messing on your behalf.

    My blogs are hosted on a third party server running on Linux – I assume therefore Apache but I don’t know how the security/permissions are set up. However, I’ve never had a problem.

    We have a work internal knowledge base which I administer and I decided to use WP for it (it works!). I have full control of the server, running Ubuntu and Apache (LAMPP)… yet I constantly have to mess with permissions to change .htaccess or files in the template folders. I can only assume it’s because Apache’s not running as root.

    lian – do you know much about running wp on a windows server with IIS? I’m having issues with the permalinks and only being able to use the default version not the “pretty” versions like I had when we were on a unix server with apache. I found this: which is helpful but my web guy is scared that altering the php.ini file will require a server reboot. He can’t do this as he is hosting a couple of other very active forums. Do you know if the server would need a reboot if that file is modified adding the cgi redirects as it mentions? Thanks.

    Sorry for jumping in on your help zeinobia.

    I’ve had a dig around the web and I get mixed messages about restarts. The best reference seems to be here:

    Which straightforwardly says “yes – you do have to restart IIS after changing the php.ini file”.

    Having said that, I found a few other sites that said the exact opposite! In personal experience using LAMPP (on Ubuntu) and XAMPP (under Windows), a restart is required to make the changes take effect.

    thanks lain

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