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  • When working om my website a few days ago, i was making a new page, when I wanted to select the page template, I saw that it was gone.

    Just upgraded my install to 3.1 so downgraded back to 3.0, that wasn’t the problem. So back to 3.1

    After a lot of searching a found a lot of possible fixes, but nothing seems to help. Is there someone that knows how to get the page template drop down menu back?????

    Because at this moment i can only think of re-installing my wordpress, and that is the last ting I would like to do.

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  • Is page-attributes check in screen options?

    Page-attributes are there but no page template menu.




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    Have you tried switching to the Twenty Ten theme to rule out any theme-specific problems?

    Already found that solution, but didn’t help!
    Also made a new custom page template, and that one also didn’t show.

    I’m using `<?php
    Template Name: test

    the strange thing is that all of my pages are still using the page templates but when I’m updating them, they go back to the standard page template with sidebar.

    It seems that the “No IE Welcome” plugin has caused the problem.
    The plugin has been removed and the page templates are working again.

    I still face this problem, I have not used this plugin thought the problem is there. Any idea?????

    Installed any plug-ins recently?

    Yes I have installed plugins…

    Try shutting down the plug-ins one by one, probably one of them is causing the problem.

    Otherwise, change to a different theme and then reactivate your current theme.

    Thanks for your trick…. it worked for me. I just deactivated and reactivated the theme 🙂


    I had the same problem on WP 3.0.5. I had to switch to another theme and back to get the Page Template dropdown back.

    I had the same problem, version 3.1 – this solved it, VERY useful info. My theme had become AUTOMATICALLY deactivated and replaced by the default 2010 theme, and therefore the template drop down disappeared. It had become deactivated because —–

    I had moved the style sheet somewhere else outside the theme directory.

    oooo, WordPress did not like that. It then identifed the current them as “broken” and replaced it with the default. Well, I moved a copy of the stylesheet back into the them directory, and voila, it works again, and there’s my template drop down menu again. All is well. Just don’t remove your bloody stylesheet.

    I had the same issue. It was my theme causing the problem. I made a copy of my theme in the same directory and never renamed the theme name in the style.css so it was causing a conflict. Make sure you rename the them in the root style.css!

    Theme Name: My Themes Name
    Theme URI:
    Author: John Cardwell
    Author URI:
    Description: Developed for Parker LePla based on Twenty Eleven by the WordPress Team
    Version: 1.1
    License: GNU General Public License
    License URI: license.txt
    Tags: custom, fixed, parker-lepla

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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