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  • Hello,

    I am missing the “Front Page Displays…” options on my Settings Reading panel; it begins with “Blog pages show at most…”
    Any ideas why? I downloaded the 2.7.1 version from the website, unziped it then uploaded to the server using FTP and installed it.
    Could it be security? Corruption? Server side issue?
    If so, what should I look for?

    Thanks for any help.

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  • A) Security will come into play eventually if you are installing version 2.7.1 on anything other than a development server. 2.7.1 is exploitable and if exposed to internet traffic, in all probability will be exploited in time.

    B) File permissions, with very few and usually temporary exceptions, all work well with directories at 755 and files at 644. You may at some point encounter one or two temporary exceptions that deal with upload folder creation, or temporarily making a file writable.

    C) I suspect if that (“I am missing the “Front Page Displays… options on my Settings Reading panel; it begins with “Blog pages show at most…) is all that is missing, then an interrupted or incomplete ftp transfer may be the most suspect item at this point. I think I would start there. If this is going to be live site, I do recommend using 2.8.4 instead of 2.7.1.

    Thanks Clayton,

    In efforts to get to the ‘elusive’ home page, I removed all the defaults created during setup, that is posts, pages, etc… and walla, the settings magically appeared… strange~

    But this site was also having some dns issues that now seem to be OK, so I’m not really sure which was the fix.

    Meanwhile, and more importantly, what do you mean by “eploited in time”?


    “This is an archive of every release we’ve done that we have a record of.

    None of these are safe to use, except the latest in the 2.8 series, which is actively maintained.”

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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