• I like their Payment Forms setup for simple cases, but for my needs, the legacy 1.6 system works better. (I don’t know the final price ahead of time — it’s calculated in my system depending on the order.)

    However, what I don’t see anywhere in their system is feedback following a purchase attempt. Yes, they direct to a success or a failure page, but there’s no way to connect the data that page receives to a specific sale attempt. My system can’t know what to (automatically) deliver to whom because there’s no identifier on the results pages to indicate what transaction it was linked to. If this functionality exists, I couldn’t find it in the documentation, and there’s no way I can find to include an order id in the $_POST or $_GET data sent to the pages. I can only get the Stripe charge ID, but I don’t have access to that earlier to store it in my database linked to a particular transaction.

    So it’s good for SIMPLE stuff with manual follow-up, but it doesn’t work for me. I should have taken the word SIMPLE in the plug-in name more literally, but this seems like a really basic function to me.

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  • Plugin Contributor Nick Young



    First off thank you for the feedback. We take it very seriously as it’s the best information we can use when we are working to improve the plugin.

    I can understand what you need is very useful, but I do think also that our plugin is very extensible. I am curious if maybe there is a way to do what you need but maybe we just need to work through it to see if it is possible and then improve our own documentation if that’s the case.

    If you are interested in maybe trying to hash this out a bit more I would love to have an open conversation about it either here on the support forums or you can contact us directly. (If you contact us directly and get a support representative you can just ask them to get you in contact with me)

    Again, thank you so much for the feedback and I hope we can work together with you and our other users to make this plugin even better.

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