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  • I was trying to upgrade to 2.1 and my site crashed. I restored to 2.0, to a point prior to attemting to upgrade to 2.1, assuming everything would basically reset. It appealrs that everything has returned to normal, except for my Archives, About and Contact pages in the header at the top of the page and my Links section in the sidebar.

    The Archives/About/Contact sections should be viewable through the About and Archives links at the top of the page. When I hover over the links at the top, the URL’s appear and if you click the link it’ll take you to the pages, but they are blank, like I never typed anything in there. However, when I check for them in Dashboard>Manage>Pages, it doesn’t even show that there are any pages created.

    I also had a ‘Links’ section in my sidebar, under the ‘Recent Entries’. The ‘Recent Entries’ section is still there, but the ‘Links’ section is not showing. All of the Links that I had created and saved in my Dashboard for my Links section are still there in the Dashboard, but they are not showing up on my site at all.

    I tried switching to different templates to see if it was a problem with the template I’m using, but the problems were present on every template I tried.

    I would assume that, if this is all happening with any template I use, there is a problem with my WordPress files or something. Does anyone know if these problems could be solved through the Dashboard or is there corrupt code somewhere that was affected when I restored?

    my site is


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  • Please define “crashed”. Websites don’t crash.

    Did you try resetting your permalinks? Sounds like a permalinks bork to me….


    By “crashed”, I mean I have no idea what happened. I backed up my files before attempting to upgrade, then once I had the upgrade uploaded and installed (so I thought), I kept getting an error when I would try to refresh my webite. I had to restore my site from a backup file provided by my host. Once I restored using that file, everything looks fine except for what I mentioned above.


    Not sure what you are referring to. I’m thinking it is a problem with the permalinks, but I’m not sure where to start looking. Is it something I can reset through the Dashboard or am going to have to restore files in my FTP?

    To reset permalinks:

    Access your .htaccess file using your ftp client and set the permissions to 777.

    Access wp-admin/options/permalinks. Reselect whichever permalink setting it is you want, then click the update permalinks button.

    Access your .htaccess file using your ftp client and set the permissions BACK to 644.

    Thanks vkaryl. I’ve looked all through my FTP and can’t locate an .htaccess file. Should there be one?

    Mine is in the root WordPress directory. /WordPress/.htaccess.

    Thanks WT. I’ve looked all over in every file and every folder on my FTP, and I do not see an .htaccess file anywhere. If I am supposed to have one, it’s not there. I’m beginning to get concerned that I will have to reinstall WP and lose all of my content from the last two years.

    Any other suggestions??

    I backup my remote WP install using ftp to get it to my local computer. I last did it just a few days ago and thought I had used a plugin to do it. I don’t see one installed for that now though, so maybe i just did it via ftp. Anyway, doing that I would expect you to be able to reinstall WP and then restore your content.

    If your only problem is missing the .htaccess file, I think you can fix that without reinstalling WP. I read a post about last week, but can’t remember any more than that. Hopefully one of the real experts here will help you with that.

    Your content, in any case, is in the database. Make sure you back up the database before you do anything. Then if you do have to reinstall, you can import your data into the new db….

    The only way to get a db backup is using phpmyadmin or the backup plugin (at least, I *think* the plugin backs up the db too). A straight download of files using ftp will NOT get the database too!

    vakaryl: Thanks for refreshing my memory as to how I did it. I have been learning so much WP related stuff, I can’t keep it straight! Used phpmyadmin and it worked perfectly.

    I had to literally keep notes the first year I used wp – in files, in my paper planner, on post-its….

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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