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  • Hi,
    I accidentally deleted all my files off my server last night, so my website disappeared. Then I uploaded them again. The only thing that didn’t come back was my blog. So the help desk people uploaded my back-up, but the only thing that came back were the words, which is good, too. I was hoping that my photos would also upload. This is what they wrote to me:

    “There are a number of images in your blogs uploads directory, however the ones you link to do not exist either on the server or in the backup. You will need to upload those to the server for them to load correctly.”

    I am confused where these photos are kept in general after I upload them. Where are they now? There are a lot of them. It will be a big project to upload all again. I was hoping to avoid doing that if anyone knows what I can do.

    Thank you,

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  • You have a few options:

    1. Upload all your images to a directory on yourserver, such as /images and then connect each image manually via your posts.

    For instance, in your post you may have some text and then neeed an image called from your image directory. You would simply type in <img src="/images/imagename.jpg" alt="image text" /> This can also be aligned right/left/center etc using the WSIWYG editor or manually using classes.

    2. Upload the images uising the upload panel in your Write panel area.

    It’s a personal choice most of the time, but for lots of images at one time, the first option is probably more suitable.

    I did this one…
    #2. Upload the images uising the upload panel in your Write panel area.

    So that’s why I’m confused…where are they now? I didn’t have them on the server. They were in the upload panel. That’s why I don’t understand why they all disappeared.

    When you use the upload panel, it uploads the images to /wp-content/uploads/year/month.

    So even though you may not have thought they were not actually on the server, in fact, that is exactly where they were located. If you have deleted all of your files, it is most likely you deleted the uploaded images in the process.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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