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  • Can anyone please help me?

    I moved my hosting from managed wordpress to cpanel and everything has gone wrong.

    Firstly there are multiple error messages every time I try to use any plugin and my theme stopped working.

    Then when I massaged to install a new theme just to get things going, the images refused to be visible. I can only see icons and many of the articles on this site are over 5 years old and using the old version of WordPress.

    My host tried and told me there is nothing else they can do. Told me to visit feverr.

    I am new to WordPress and the problem only began when the advised me to move to cpanel. I have no idea about coding and after 9 days with all my sites down , i am open for the right suggestions.

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  • May we see your site? Please, share the link of your site so that we can see and advice you on this. Thanks.

    Yikes, this is unfortunate. Whoever advised you to move from Managed WordPress to CPanel and left you on your own didn’t do you any favors. 🙁

    Without a link to your site or the text of your error messages, I can only give you general advice about your configuration.

    Some managed WordPress providers add special plugins to their sites to make things work correctly. If your errors come from these plugins, you might be able to fix them by removing these plugins (but, again, we’d need to see the errors to give you advice about this). In particular, the caching plugins that are used.

    You might also need to re-generate your .htaccess file so that the image folders are properly linked.

    Are you doing domain mapping on your site?

    Thanks guys. Horror more like. The backup did not fully download and I have no idea how to complete the down since the managed serve has being deleted. Ps, done by my host (customer service) who assured me that every is Ok. They now said its got nothing to do with them. And told me to look for help elsewhere.

    They asked me to pay for some lock that can fix the database, this is after what I suspect was a guess work of trying to fix the error. Would have paid, but couldn’t afford it.
    All the plugins are now turned off. Still no images.
    Ancawonka, I have no idea what domain mapping is, but will look it up.

    I will get the info you requested in a minute.


    HALLELUJAH. I removed the link in the edit section (None) and tried it again and it works for now.

    Thanks again Saif and Ancawonka.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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